Friday, September 15, 2017

New Tattered Lace Art Deco dies

Tattered Lace has a few new Art Deco dies and Die Sets out and they are spectacular!!
  A Halloween Bundle Set and the rest are Christmas or Winter Theme.  I know Tattered Lace fans are going to be thrilled with all of these amazing personal favorite is the Christmas Card Shape Die Set, so beautiful, you could literally cut them out in black, put it on a pretty background and your Christmas cards are done!  I have already ordered my favorites as I know these are going to go fast...please don't wait to order, these will surely be hot items!

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Art Deco - Sitting in the Moonlight Set
2 dies
Art Deco Moonlight 4.41 x 4.49 in 
Art Deco Sitting in the Moonlight 1.77 x 5.12 in  
The Art Deco Moonlight die features a crescent moon
 with star droplet decor and a sentiment reading
 ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’. 
You can snip into the sentiment die to create a 
different look, adding more versatility to this die.
Reg. price $50.00
My Price $45.00
Art Deco - Winter Romance Set 
2 dies
Art Deco Winter Romance 2.6 x 5.67 in
 Art Deco Lamp Post  0.87 x 6.57 in 
 The Art Deco Winter Romance die features a couple 
in a walking position, with the man holding a present 
under his arm and a lady carrying a bunch of flowers. 
This die is great for all your romance themed cards
 like Valentines and Anniversaries, as well as winter themed cards. 
You can create a wide range of backing scenes for these 
dies as well as incorporating the lamppost die, create the look
 of walking down the street, across the park, in the city,
 the possibilities are endless!
Reg. Price $50.00
My Price $45.00
Art Deco - Christmas Card Shape Die Set
2 dies
  Warm Wishes card shape die
Christmas Greetings card shape die.
 4.17" x 5.87" ea. 
 The Warm Wishes card shape includes a couple
 ice skating with a dog, tree and holly detailing
 as well as a ‘Warm Wishes’ sentiment, it sits
 inside a rectangle frame with iconic art deco design. 
The Christmas Greetings card shape features a lady
 walking her dog, complete with steps, lamppost,
 ‘Christmas Greetings’ sentiment and foliage.
Reg. Price $55.00
My Price $50.00
Art Deco - Halloween Bundle Die Set
6 dies
 Halloween House 4.76 x 5.63 in
 Halloween Gates  3.58 x 3.23 in
 Happy Halloween Ornate 4.72 x 3.03 in
$32.00 plus shipping
Art Deco - Christmas Shopping 
2.13" x 5.94"
$35.00 plus shipping
Art Deco - Not Just for Christmas 
3.94" x 5.24"
This Tattered Lace die plays on the famous saying
 at Christmas ‘a Puppy is not just for Christmas’. 
The die features a lady with her puppy which is stood
 upon a Christmas present, the lady wears a beautiful gown
 with intricate swirl hem and shoulder detailing as
 well as a bow tie around her waist. 
Use this die within a homely scene, in front of the 
Christmas tree or the fire dies for those perfect festive cards.
 The design can be snipped to use the lady and puppy 
separately for different project.
$38.00 plus shipping
Art Deco - Cold Winter Walk 
2.56" x 5.35"
A lady in an Art Deco styled coat and hat carrying shopping bags,
 this die features intricate cut out detailing around the collar 
of the coat, adding an extra fancy look to your projects. 
To create the look of a cold winter walk add frosted
 glitter and back onto winter street scenes. 
$35.00 plus shipping

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