Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Dies from Dee's Distinctively

A charming springtime selection  from Dee's Distinctively presents new dragonfly, bees, and butterfly dies as well as a couple others. 
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Dragonfly - Small
1 die cuts 3 shapes
Size: 1.93" x 2.94"
A cute dragonfly that includes the topper as well as 
solid wings, so you can layer in different colors. 
$14.50 plus shipping 
Dragonfly - Large
 1 die cuts 3 shapes
Size: 3.98" x 2.59"
A larger-sized dragonfly that includes solid wings 
to layer behind the decorative wings in different colors. 
A great size to be a focal point on your card or layout. 
$21.00 plus shipping 
Mini Dragonfly Set
 1 die cuts 4 dragonflies
Size: 2.03" x 2.54"
A great set of 4 small solid dragonflies. Perfect to
 add as an embellishment to your floral cards and layouts.
$12.50 plus shipping 
Bee Set
 1 die cuts 7 shapes
Size: 1.58" x 3.06"
 A great bee set that includes 2 outline bees with
 solid shapes as well as 3 silhouette bees.
$11.99 plus shipping 
Peacock Feather
 1 die
Size: 1.88" x 3.61"
 A beautiful peacock feather to add as an embellishment
 or focal point on your card or layout.
 Add gilding wax or polish to add color and texture.
$14.99 plus shipping 
Butterfly 1
 1 die
Size: 3.24" x 2.55"
 A beautiful outline of a nice-sized butterfly
$16.99 plus shipping 
Calla Lily 2
 1 die
Size: 2.40" x 4.60"
 This beautiful calla lily die is an outline only and provides 
many layering options for what you will put underneath: 
patterned paper, embossing, wax, polish, pixie powders, etc.
$17.99 plus shipping
Wildflower 1
1 die
Size: 1.96" x 4.85"
A beautiful solid silhouette die that offers many options...
would look great cut in light color on a dark background 
and vice versa. Works great as a focal point, or cut more than one
 to build your own garden or wildflowers!
$17.99 plus shipping
1 die cuts all words and dots
Size: 4.34" x 1.31"
This die set includes the word Anniversary in 2 sizes.
 Coordinates perfectly with other words/text 
from Dee's Distinctively Dies.
$12.70 plus shipping
Word Extras 1
6 dies
Smallest: 0.15" x 0.50"
Largest: 2.0" x 0.75"
This is a great set of extra words that coordinate well
 with Dee's other word dies. 
Includes: On, It's, Belated, For, Your and
 2 apostrophes to add to your collection.
$12.70 plus shipping

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