New Frantic Stamper Release - Visions of the East Collection

Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Well, this is definitely something different!  Frantic Stamper's new release of their Visions of the East Collection is full of great dies and ideas to start the new year off with a new theme.  So many unique and creative, fun cards to be made!  Call 574-784-9050 to order or send an order via e-mail to:
Cherry Branch Fan
2.5" x 1.625"
$10.99 plus shipping 
Chrysanthemum  Panel
4.8" x 3.625"
The chrysanthemum flower has long been used to 
represent royalty in Asian cultures, but also
 reflects friendship and well wishes.
Add dimension to the flowers by snipping extra blossoms
 from the frame and mounting them with foam tape.
$26.99 plus shipping
Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) 
1.125" x 1.75"
Often seen in Asian stores and restaurants, the Maneki Neko
 (also known as the beckoning cat) is believed to bring 
good luck to the owner. This lucky charm originates from Japan,
 but is used throughout the Orient. It is symbolizes good fortune, 
financial wealth, life success, and making wishes come tru.
$5.99 plus shipping
Bamboo Stalks
  In Chinese culture, bamboo symbolizes strength. 
It is used in Feng Shui to draw in positive chi into the home.
This set of 2 bamboo stalk dies will be perfect for Asian inspired designs. 
The dies measure 0.75" x 3.125" and 1.5" x 3.25". 
You can easily make the stalks longer to form borders and frames
 by gluing them end to end, or cutting off sections at the joints.
$8.99 plus shipping
2.875" x 2.375"
 Bonsai (Japanese translation of "planted in a container")
 refers to the art of raising miniature versions of trees 
achieved by stunting their growth by keeping them in a pot. 
The art of bonsai can involve many years of pruning and 
training the tree branches into the perfect shape.
$9.99 plus shipping
Geisha Crossing Bridge Panel 
3.75" x 5"
$26.99 plus shipping
Chinese Coin
2.25" diam.
$9.99 plus shipping
Sushi Dinner
 Sushi dinner die set includes:
Wooden tray: 3.875" x 1.2"
Rice bowl: 1.75" x 1.125"
Chopsticks: 2.2" x 0.5"
Sushi pieces: each approx. 0.875" x 0.55"
$19.99 plus shipping 
*also featured FRAS059 Asian Inspired Sentiments Stamp Set 
Double Fan Border
.375" x 5.5"
$7.99 plus shipping
Fancy Peacock
2.125" x 4.125"
$14.99 plus shipping
Flying Cranes
 Set of 3 flying cranes, each in a different pose.
The largest bird measures 1.5" x 2"
$8.99 plus shipping
Origami Cranes
 Set of 2 origami cranes includes an outline crane and a solid crane.
Each crane measures 2.5" x 2.75"
$13.99 plus shipping
Small Geisha
1.75" x 2.5"
$6.99 plus shipping

Kokeshi Japanese Paper Doll 
Kokeshis are Japanese paper dolls traditionally made with washi papers. 
This is such a fun die set with all the interchangeable
 hair styles, clothes and accessories.
Doll measures approx. 1" wide x 1.25" tall when assembled.
$14.99 plus shipping
Koi and Background
2" x 4"
 The koi fish represents overcoming adversity in the Japanese
 culture because it is known for swimming upstream. 
 They also symbolize good luck and fortune.
$15.99 plus shipping
Oriental Frame and Motifs
 The frame measures 3.75" x 5"
The round motif measures 1.5".
The Chinese knot motif measures 1.125" x 1.5".
The square knot measures 1.125" x 1.125".
The geometric corner measures 1.875" x 1.875".
$26.99 plus shipping
*also featured FRA10066 Small Geisha
Yin and Yang
2" diam.
 The Yin and Yang symbol represents opposites interacting 
to create a natural harmonic balance in the Chinese culture.  
$7.99 plus shipping 
 *also featured FRAS059 Asian Inspired Sentiments Stamp Set
Elementals #15 Stitched Square Frames
 This set of 3 dies creates several looks. For starters, the two larger dies
 cut a frame AND an inside piece at the same time. 
The frame features a row of faux stitching on the outside edge,
 and another row on the inside edge. 
The inner piece that is cut at the same time will have
 a double line of stitching on the outer edge. 
 The largest die measures 3.75" x 3.75" with an opening of 3"x3".
 The middle die measures 2.25" x 2.25" with an opening of 1.45" x 1.45".
 The smaller die makes a little stitched square measuring 0.75" x 0.75", 
which can be used to create fun checkered patterns.
These dies are great for creating shaker cards as they give you 
ample room for the double stick tape needed to make your frame.
$26.99 plus shipping
Elementals #16 Stitched Rectangle Frames
  The largest die measures 3.75" x 5" with an opening of 3.25" x 4.5". 
The middle die measures 2.5" x 3.5" with an opening of 2" x 3". 
Smaller die measures 1" x 1.75" with an opening of 0.5" x 1.25", 
perfect for small sentiments.
Great for creating shaker cards as they give you 
ample room for the double stick tape needed to make your frame.
$26.99 plus shipping
*also featured FRAS063 3 step Chrysanthemums Stamp Set
Paintbrush Strokes Stamp Set
4"x6" set of clear stamps
This set of 9 stamps features a variety of brush strokes and splatters, 
perfect for creating abstract backgrounds and backdrops. 
 The brushstrokes average 2.5" x 0.5"
$14.99 plus shipping 
Asian Inspired Sentiments Stamp Set
 A 4"x6" set of clear stamps
This set of 9 stamps 15 includes an assortment of 
Asian inspired sentiments in small clean fonts. 
Every day sentiments such as "thank you" (1.125" x 0.25") and
 "Good Luck" (1.375" x 0.25") to inspired phrases such as 
"Sending wishes of peace and harmony" (1.75" x 0.5") and 
 "I'm so glad we're friends" (2.625" x 0.25"). 
There are also 2 small motif stamps in the set:
 a Yin Yang (0.5") and a Sakura cherry blossom (0.5")
$14.99 plus shipping
3 Step Chrysanthemum Stamp Set
 A 4"x6" set of clear stamps
This stamp set features a trendy 3-step stamping chrysanthemum blossom. 
Use different color inks to layer the pieces, 
achieving a dimensional look with color. 
The flower blossom measures 1.75" x 1.625".
Also included in the set are several sentiments,
 including: Get Well Soon, With Sympathy, Best Wishes, 
Sending caring thoughts, May today bring you blessings of love.
$14.99 plus shipping