Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Marianne Design - October Release of Winter Themed Dies, Stamps, and Folders

Marianne Design's October Release is full of wonderful winter themed dies, stamps, and design folders sure to help you make some pretty awesome cards for the chilly season that is right around the corner.  Call 574-784-9050 or e-mail: to order. 
Tiny's Reindeer
2.70" x 3"
This would be great not only for your 
Christmas or winter cards, but also for
a great masculine card.
$12.50 plus shipping 
Austrian Village
 This set includes 3 village buildings so you can create your 
own village/city/town with these cute dies.
3 dies
Smallest: 1.65" x 1.50"
Largest: 2.40" x 1.45"
$12.50 plus shipping 
Horizon Forest
5.10" x 1.75"
 A beautiful border of pine trees, waiting for you to layer 
them up to make a forest or add some snow effect for winter!
$12.50 plus shipping
Image result for cards made using Anja's Circle XL LR0445
 Image result for cards made using Marianne Design die LR0445
Anja's Circle XL
4 dies
 Make a beautiful background for your card
 or layout or just use as a frame!
Smallest die: 1.75" x 1.75"
Largest die: 5.25" x 5.25"
$28.99 plus shipping result for  Marianne stamp TC0843
Punch Die - Spiders and Bugs 
1.0" x 3.60"
This 1 piece die cuts out a variety of spiders, bugs, worms, etc.
 Perfect for your Halloween cards/layouts and decorating!
$7.50 plus shipping 
Punch Die - Christmas Tree
1.0" x 3.65"
 This 1 piece die cuts out a variety of Christmas decorations..
.add them to a small Christmas tree or
 make a shaker card with these baubles!
$7.50 plus shipping
Image result for cards made using Marianne Christmas Tree die CR1385
Christmas Tree
 Build your own abstract Christmas tree with this set of 5 dies...
layer and shape to customize your own tree. 
Cut out of patterned paper for a unique look!
Smallest die:0.55" x 0.55"
Largest die: 3.0" x 2.10"
$8.50 plus shipping
Eline's Snowman
 Build-your-own snow people with this cute die set.
13 dies
Smallest die: 0.40" x 0.40"
Largest die: 1.75" x 1.65"
$16.99 plus shipping 
Eline's Husky
Build your own cute husky dog with this set.
11 dies
Smallest die: 0.50" x 1.10"
Largest die: 1.60" x 1.55"
$16.50 plus shipping
Eline's Sleigh and Snow Flow
 Build you own sleigh that goes along with the husky, 
and snowman in this month's release.
5 die set
Smallest die: 0.50" x 0.20"
Largest die:4.80" x 1.50"
$15.99 plus shipping 
Sparkles Design Folder
5" x 5"
 A beautiful background on your cards or layouts with sparkling stars. 
Add gilding wax or polish to highlight the stars!
$6.00 plus shipping 
Forest Design Folder
5" x 5"
A great folder to add a pine tree forest to your 
background cards and layouts.
 Just add gilding wax or polish to highlight the details! 
$6.00 plus shipping

Image result for Marianne stamp TC0843 
Tiny's Pine Trees Border Clear Stamp
 This is a beautiful border stamp that would make a great
 background too! It includes a row or pine trees and a shining star..
.Perfect for those Christmas and winter cards/layouts.
2 stamps
Star: 0.75" x 1.20"
Pine tree Border: 5.40" x 1.35"
$8.00 plus shipping

Image result for Marianne stamp TC0844 
Tiny's Icicles Border Clear Stamp 
5.50" x 2.0"
This stamp includes a row of icicles...perfect for adding 
a "cool" border  to your cards/layouts. 
Add embossing powder or glitter for texture!
 $8.00 plus shipping

Image result for Marianne stamp CS0978

Most Wonderful Time Christmas Wish 
Clear Stamp
3.20" x 3.50"
  The words "It's the most wonderful time of the year"
 in the shape of a Christmas tree! 
Just stamp and you have an instant card!
$6.00 plus shipping 

Image result for Marianne stamp CS0980 
Christmas Sentiments Clear Stamp
 11 stamps, 9 different Sentiments
Smallest Stamp: 0.40" x 0.40"
Largest Stamp: 1.60" x 1.90"
$8.00 plus shipping

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