Friday, September 23, 2016

Halloween Cards

Card Designer Joan Morrison and I have been having fun making Halloween cards featuring several different dies...some old, some new.  Hope you like some of our ideas/creations.

 I made this card and love how the background turned out, by simply
sponging with gray, yellow and orange distress inks and then spritzing 
with water.  It gave just the dusky look I wanted.  Then added the
Frantic Stamper FRA9954 Tiny Trick or Treaters, FRA9952 Spooky
Accessories and FRA9951 Lg. Haunted House.  Finished it off with
the Memory Box Happy Halloween stamp.

 This card was super fun to make using the Frantic Stamper die
FRA9946 Peeking Halloween Trio and FRA9956 Spooky
Happy Halloween die.  Cut the trio out of different colors,
and the piecing was very quick and easy.

 This little guy is just too cute to be scary!  These dies are from
last year.  PoppyStamp dies 1245 Kitty Cat Face and 
1241 Jumbled Boo.

Rats.  I really loved this card until I dropped a big 
glob of glue and ruined it!  But I still wanted to share it,
because I love this Cheery Lynn die B853 Witches Skirt.
I mean, just look at those shoes, right?
See how Joan used this same die in the card below.

 Same die B853 Witches Skirt in traditional orange and black.
Plus a few components from B847 Witches Brew.

 Joan did such a great job on this framed card featuring the 
Cheery Lynn die B847 Witch's Brew and Memory Box
dies 99156 Sm. Forest Archway and 98699 Tiny Bubbles.

 These 3 cards all feature the PoppyStamp die 1329 Pinpoint
Main Street Tags embellished with other Halloween dies.
This card is crawling with creepy spiders:
Memory Box 99546 Big and Small Spider
Frantic Stamper FRA9943 Spooky Spider

 I really love the paper choices on this card featuring
Impression Obsession die 230-M Witch Brewing

 How cute is this?  On top of the 1329 Pinpoint Main
Street Tags, some components from the Cheery Lynn dies
B853 Witch's Skirt and B847 Witch's Brew.

Now this one, really blew me away!!
What an adorable little table centerpiece or 
wouldn't it be a cute decoration for your desk
at work?
The base and "fence" are made with the 
PoppyStamp dies 1573 Cottage Platform
and 1575 Cottage Side Gates.
Joan added alot of extra pieces with tabs to
make them stand up, like the 1089 Cute Cottage
die and the accessories from 1095 Frosted Roof 
and Ledges cut in black for that spooky effect.
Unfortunately, you cannot see the battery
operated tealight placed behind the 
I.O. die 230-M Witch Brewing to give off 
that soft glow of fire under the bubbling pot.

Products Used: 
FRA9954 Tiny Trick or Treaters - $5.99 
FRA9951 Lg. Haunted House - $11.99
FRA9952 Spooky Accessories - $8.99
 FRA9946 Peeking Halloween Trio - $10.99 
FRA9956 Spooky Happy Halloween - $10.99 
 1241 Jumbled Boo - $5.00

1245 Kitty Cat Face craft die 
1245 Kitty Cat Face - $6.50

B853 - Cheery Lynn Designs Witch's Skirt 2 Piece Die Set Photo 
B853 Witch's Skirt - $9.99

B847 - Cheery Lynn Designs Witch’s Brew 8 Piece Die Set Photo
B847 Witch's Brew - $14.99

99156 Small Forest Archway craft dies
99156 - Sm. Forest Archway - $24.50

98699 Tiny Bubbles craft dies 
98699 Tiny Bubbles - $5.00 

1329 Pinpoint Main Street Tags craft die
1329 Pinpoint Main Street Tags - $28.99 

99546 Big and Small Spiders craft die
99546 Big and Small Spider - $6.50 
FRA9943 Spooky Spider - $6.99

I.O.die 230-M Witch Brewing - $9.99

1573 Cottage Platform craft die
1573 Cottage Platform - $25.99

1575 Cottage Side Gates craft die
1575 Cottage Side Gates - $23.99

1089 Cute Cottage craft die
 1089 Cute Cottage - $16.99

1095 Frosted Roofs and Ledges craft die
1095 Frosted Roof and Ledges - $8.99

You can call 574-784-9050 or send an e-mail to: if you would like
to order any of these items.

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