Friday, August 19, 2016

New Items from Creative Expressions by Sue Wilson

There are some new and exciting Christmas themed stamps and (4) new dies from Sue Wilson's Paper Cuts Collection.  Also, the new Polished Silk Glitters that Sue and John Lockwood love to use are now available!  If you are not already familiar with John's website, you definitely need to visit there to see all the wonderful creations he makes with Sue Wilson's dies and other products. 
Paper Cuts Collection - Christmas Tree
 2 dies
Outside Frame: 3.5" x 5.0"
Inside Die: 2.60" x 4.10"
$19.99 plus shipping 
Paper Cuts Collection - Reindeer
 2 dies
Outside Frame: 3.50" x 5.0"
Inside Die: 2.50" x 4.10"
$19.99 plus shipping 

Paper Cuts Collection - Christmas Feast 
2 dies
Outside Frame: 3.60" x 5.0"
Insider Die: 2.60" x 4.0"
$19.99 plus shipping
Paper Cuts Collection - Festive Baubles
 2 dies
Outside Frame: 3.60" x 5.05"
Inside Die: 2.55" x 4.10"
$19.99 plus shipping
Abundant Ivy Stamp
4.60" x 3.0"
$8.99 plus shipping
* Coordinates with die CED5103 Rhodes
Star Lit Snowflakes Stamp
4.80" x 3.55"
$8.99 plus shipping
* Coordinates with die CED5104  Kefalonia
Christmas Rose Frame Stamp
4.75" x 3.60"
$8.99 plus shipping
* Coordinates with die CED5104 Kefalonia
Arty Background Clear Stamp Set 
10 pc. set
Sizes range from approx. 1" x 1" to 3" x 3" with
some longer stamps approx. 4" to 5" long 
 A variety of stamps in this collection helps you easily
 create great backgrounds for multi media projects or
 to add texture and color to the background of your cards. 
Contains splotches and textures to create depth and 
interest when used with inks and paints.
$16.00 plus shipping 
Festive Speech Bubbles Clear Stamp Set
18 pc. set
 Speech bubble sizes:
2 -1/2" x 1- 3/4"
2" x 2"
1- 3/4" x 2"
1- 1/2" x 2- 1/4"
 2 -1/2" x 1" 
1 -1/2" x 2"
 This set contains a 6 stamp variety of speech bubbles.
 There are also 7 winter and Christmas sayings that 
will fit in the speech bubbles but you can also use stamp
 sayings that you have in your collection that 
will fit in the speech bubbles. 
There are also 5 small star and snowflake stamps for decorating.
$16.00 plus shipping
Christmas Robins Clear Stamp Set
15 pc. set
The set includes;
a bird house stamp (2" x 3 3/4")
A bird with separate body, wing and feet stamp. 
The bird's body measures 3 3/4" x 2"
A holly stamp (4 1/2" x 2")
A mistletoe stamp (3" x 2")
Plus 4 saying stamps, a tag, 2 small birds 
(right and left facing) and 2 small santa hats.
$16.00 plus shipping
Mr. and Mrs. Claus Clear Stamp Set 
12 pcs.
Mr. and Mrs. Claus stamp (each approx. 2" x 3 1/2"),
 bag of toys stamp, 4 sayings stamps, chimney stamp, 
Santa's list stamp, cookie jar, cookies and a snowflake.
$16.00 plus shipping
Stitched Penguins Clear Stamp Set
12 pcs.
4 cute penguins (sizes 2" x 2" to 3" x 3"), 
an igloo (3" x 1 3/4"), a hat and earmuffs for the penguins,
 a fishing rod and fishing hole stamp,
 snowflake and 2 sayings.
$16.00 plus shipping
Believe in Magic Clear Stamp Set
11 pcs.
2 sleighs (3" x 2" and 2" x 2")
A right and a left facing reindeer (1 3/4" x 2"  each)
3 sayings (approx. 3" wide)
Stars, snowflake and holly stamps.
$16.00 plus shipping
Zentangle Festive Sentiments
8 pcs.
A set of 5 Christmas sayings stamps that can be
 colored the Zentangle way.
 (also includes small holly, stars and a bell).

Largest saying is 5" across x 1 1/2" high
$16.00 plus shipping
Make Gnome Mistakes Clear Stamp Set
12 pcs.
Set includes 3 gnomes, 2 birds, 2 mushrooms, a large
 pine cone, a small pine cone stamp and a stump.

The gnomes are 1 3/4" x 3 3/4",
 1 3/4" x 4 1/4" and 1 1/2" x 2 1/2".
$16.00 plus shipping
O Christmas Tree Clear Stamp Set
26 pcs.
There are 4 different patterned trees in 2 different sizes. 
These trees are great for creating a colorful row of 
trees or use them as foreground or background with some
 stamps that you may already have. 
The sizes work well for decorating tags.
There are 2 coordinating sizes of pots and trunks for 
the 2 sizes of trees in and outline design or a filled in design. 
There are 6 tree toppers, 4 sayings and 2 holly decorations.
Large trees are 2" x 2- 1/4"
Small trees are 1- 1/2" x 1- 3/4"
$16.00 plus shipping
Stitched Baubles Clear Stamp Set
14 pc. set
4 Christmas baubles with faux stitching around the 
edges have pretty poinsettia designs decorating 
the inside which are great for coloring. 
The stamp set also comes with 3 outline or filled in bauble hangers, 
3 poinsettia sizes a star, 2 swirls and 2 sentiments.
Baubles are approx. 2- 1/2" x 3 -1/4"
$16.00 plus shipping
Stitched Angel Ornaments Clear Stamp Set 
13 pcs.
4 stitched looking Christmas design stamps in a Christmas tree, 
star and snowflake (with script writing on the inside) 
and an outline angel. 
The stamp set also includes 4 stars and 4 saying stamps.
Snowflake, Angel and Star are 3" x 3
Tree is 2- 3/4" x 3"
$16.00 plus shipping
Candle Lit Christmas Clear Stamp Set 
17 pcs.
Candle and lantern stamp set comes with 3 candle designs,
 a lantern, 3 sayings, and 10 accessory stamps.
Lantern size is 2 1/4" x 3 3/4"
Large candle is 2 1/4" x 3 3/4"
$16.00 plus shipping 
Christmas Borders & Flourishes
 Clear Stamp Set
19 pcs.
There are 4 corner stamps, 5 flourishes,
 6 border designs and 4 sentiment borders.
Borders are approx. 4 -1/2" x 1/4"
Corners are approx. 2" x 2"
$16.00 plus shipping 
Magical Christmas Clear Stamp Set
15 pcs.
The set includes 5 star tree stamps, 
5 saying stamps with stars, 2 star borders, and 3 stars.
Largest tree is 2- 1/4" x 4- 1/2"
Medium sized trees are 1" x 1- 3/4"
Small trees are 5/8" x 1- 1/4"
$16.00 plus shipping
Poinsettia Corner Elements
Clear Stamp Set
16 pcs.
Contains a poinsettia corner stamp, poinsettia flourish, 
4 sizes of poinsettia for layering, 2 holly berry stamps, 
4 holly leaf stamps and 3 Christmas/seasons greetings with stars.
Corner stamp is 3" x 3"
Flourish stamp is approx. 2- 1/2" x 2- 1/2"
Largest poinsettia stamp is 2" x 2"
Sentiments are approx. 3" x 1 -1/4"
$16.00 plus shipping 
Elegant Stars and Reindeer 
Clear Stamp Set
12 pcs.
4 star clusters
3 reindeer
1 reindeer border
3 sayings
Large reindeer 3" x 3"
Small reindeer 1- 1/4" x 1- 1/2"
$16.00 plus shipping
Poinsettia Christmas Wishes
Clear Stamp Set
24 pcs.
Contains 3 tags for the sayings you choose to put together. 
A very versatile stamp set of greetings for the special
 people in your life that you will use over and over.
Tags are 3- 1/4" x 2"
*Coordinates with dies CED5103 Rhodes & CED5104 Kefalonia
$16.00 plus shipping 
Christmas Rose Elements
Clear Stamp Set
12 pcs.
Contains 3 sizes of shaded and 3 sizes of outline Christmas
 rose stamps, 1 corner rose stamp and 2 outline and
 2 shaded leaves, and 1 saying stamp.
Corner stamp is 4" x 4"
Largest flower is 2" dia.
Leaves are approx. 2" x 2"
$16.00 plus shipping
Christmas Rose Sentiments
Clear Stamp Set
5 Christmas sentiments in Christmas rose adorned frames. 
*Coordinates with die CED6105 Sintra
Sizes are approx. 3" x 2- 1/2"
$16.00 plus shipping 
 Sentimentally Yours 
 Baroque Birthday Verses
Clear Stamp Set
 13 stamps 
Wonderful sentiments written in beautiful script. 
These sentiments would add the finishing touch 
when used on the inside of your card.
Largest sentiment is 4" high x 2- 1/2" wide.
$18.00 plus shipping 
Sentimentally Yours
Snowflake Sentiment Borders
Clear Stamp Set
6 border greeting stamps.
 Warm sentiments  decorated with snowflakes.
Approx. size of each stamp is 4- 3/4" x 1"
$18.00 plus shipping 
Sentimentally Yours
Snowflake Sentiments Clear Stamp Set
10 Stamps
Each stamp contains a Christmas saying adorned with a
 top and bottom snowflake and pin-dot border. 
These would look so elegant on a simple tag.
Largest tag is 2 3/4" x 2"
 $18.00 plus shipping 
Sentimentally Yours - Snowflake
Premium 8x8 Paper Pad
 A premium paper pad design by Phill Martin which includes 
48 double-sided sheets with 4 designs and 6 colors. 
Coordinates with the Cosmic Shimmer Vintage Collection.
Size: 8" x 8"
$16.00 plus shipping 
Christmas Wishes
Premium 8x8 Paper Pad
 Designed by Lisa Horton, this paper pad includes 
48 double-sided sheets, with 8 designs in 6 colors.
Size: 8" x 8"
$16.00 plus shipping 
Treat Cups
(Snow Globe Domes)
 Set of 6 Plastic Round Domes that match the Snow Globe
 die by Sue Wilson CED3079 so that you can make
 your own snow globes--just add glitter!
6 clear cups
Size: 2.75" diameter
 $3.75 plus shipping 
Cosmic Shimmer Diamond Frost

 Create amazing effects with this Diamond Frost glitter dust. 
 Diamond Frost is a premium shimmering fine glitter that
 creates a sparkling effect when sprinkled over adhesive or wet paint.  
Used on white or black card you will experience completely 
different colors and especially dramatic effects on darker surfaces.
50ml Bottle
$7.00 plus shipping
Available in 3 colors:
Cosmic Shimmer Polished Silk Glitter
Cosmic Shimmer Polished Silk Glitter is an ultra fine craft glitter
that produces a silky smooth finish when applied to cardstock,
 chipboard and other surfaces. Polished Silk Glitter can be used 
with Creative Expressions Double-Sided Self Adhesive Sheets, 
Cosmic Shimmer Flake & Glitter Glue, Scotch Double-Sided Tape 
and Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue. 
Once applied, the Glitter is so smooth that it can be over stamped using 
dye inks or Archival Ink Pads, also over stamped with 
Perfect Medium and heat embossed gently with Embossing Powders, 
decorated with alcohol based markers, used with embossing
 folders to create dazzling embossed designs and die cut.
Each pot contains 10ml of Polished Silk Glitter.
$5.50 plus shipping

Available in 21 colors:
Antique Rose 
Brilliant Blue 
Dark Bronze
Dark Emerald 
Fire Red
Gun Metal 
Hunter Green
Ice Blue
Pale Bronze
Copper Penny
Light Purple
Rose Copper
Sahara Gold
Golden Sand
Sea Green
Vintage Violet
Western Blue

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