Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tattered Lace Alert - Several Dies to be Discontinued

My supplier just sent me a disturbing Alert saying that Tattered Lace is going to DISCONTINUE ALL DIES BETWEEN TTLD001 THRU TTLD800 - EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!!  Once these dies are gone, they cannot be restocked and will no longer be available.  I have gone thru all the Tattered Lace dies and ordered up the ones that I have been wanting but haven't gotten yet.  I am seeing that many are already Out Of Stock.  If you have older dies on your wish list, you might want to order them now before they are gone for good.

I checked on the Tattered Lace UK website and sure enough it is showing all dies TTLD001 - thru TTLD200 as RETIRED!!  My supplier said it was thru TTLD800 and I am just passing on the information I was given.  This is sad news...there are so many wonderful dies that will just be gone.

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