Frantic Stamper - New Retro and Super Hero Dies

Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Frantic Stamper's newest release is full of retro and super hero themed dies.  I am super excited about this release because I absolutely LOVE retro anything, BUT...these super hero dies are nothing short of awesome!!  I have a 4 yr. grandson that is into anything super hero, so of course I want one of everything - my mind is spinning from all the possibilities!  Of course, these would also tie in great for Father's Days cards, etc.  If you want anything call 574-784-9050 or send an e-mail to:
Retro Daisies 
 4 dies 
 flower sizes: 2.5", 2", 1.5", and 1"
$24.99 plus shipping 
Large Retro Alarm Clock
2.5" x 3"
 Alarm clock features a detached clock face, 
allowing you to cut it from 2 different colors, and re-layer it. 
The separate clock hands let you create any time on the clock.
$14.99 plus shipping 
Small Retro Alarm Clock
.9" x 1.1"
$4.99 plus shipping
Small Retro TV
1.3" x 1.5"
$5.99 plus shipping
Large Retro Telephone 
3.75" x 3.25"
$19.99 plus shipping
Simply Super Shield
3.25" x 2.4"
 The design cuts out the outer frame and inner design in 1 pass. 
 Cut the die from 2 different colors and reassemble the pieces 
to make a multi-colored super shield.
 Use to celebrate your Super Mom, Super Dad, or Super Friend! 
$11.99 plus shipping
Heroic Symbols 
 Star symbol measures 1.625"
 Lightning bolt symbol measures 1.5"
 Bat symbol measures 2" x 1.2"
$14.99 plus shipping
Pow, Zap, Bam
 Set of 5 dies includes 3 action words 
as well as 2 cartoon style bubbles 
 BAM!: 2.3" x 1"
 ZAP!: 2.25" x 1"
 POW!: 2.375" x 1"
Cloud: 2.875" x 1.625"
Spike: 2.875" x 1.8"
$24.99 plus shipping
Super Hero Masks
 "cat ear" mask measures 2.5" x 1.6"
 standard eye mask measures 2.5" x 1"
$13.99 plus shipping
Super Hero
2 dies
SUPER measures 2.5" x 0.75"
 HERO measures 2.125" x 0.75"
Think outside the box with this set. The word "SUPER" can be
paired with other dies or stamps to create completely
different phrases, such as SUPER Awesome,
SUPER Cool or You're SUPER, for example.
$7.99 plus shipping
Flying Hero
Flying hero die measures 3.5" x 1.5" and his cape is 2.125" x 0.875"
$10.99 plus shipping
*also featured FRA9886 Cityscape $19.99 and
FRA9257 Planet Earth $12.00
Seal and Ribbon 
4 dies 
Two ribbon tails each measuring 0.7" x 1.8"
 Outer seal measuring 1.5"
Inner circle measuring 1.13"
This die is perfect for graduation cards, blue ribbon fair winners,
 or congratulating your #1 mom or dad.
$11.99 plus shipping
1.375" x 2.25"
$5.99 plus shipping
*also featured FRA9869 Nested Stitched Stars
Star Line
5.375" x 1"
 Features fun open stars and stitched stars together.
$9.99 plus shipping
Nested Stitched Stars 
3 dies in this set measure: 3.75", 2.125", and 0.75"
This set of 3 nested stitched stars was designed to be used with
the small stitched stars (FRA9887) and the
 Nested Plain Star In-Betweens (FRA9888) to complete your
layering star set with a full array of sizes.
$24.99 plus shipping
Retro Card Panel
3.75" x 5"
$25.99 plus shipping
Retro Fan
2.875" x 2.5"
$8.99 plus shipping
3" x .5"
$5.99 plus shipping
Retro Glasses
 Set of 4 dies includes spectacles in the following sizes:
 2.625" x 1.6"; 2.2" x 0.75"; 2.8" x 0.8"; and 2.6" x 1"
$19.99 plus shipping
Stay Cool
 The 2 dies are separate allowing you to also use them
as reverse cuts if you wish.
"stay" 1.75" x 1.1"
 "cool" 1.5" x 0.75"
$5.99 plus shipping
Linked Retro Rectangle Border
6.5" x 1.5"
$17.99 plus shipping
Super Hero Kid
The set contains 22 dies, including the kid body measuring 1.3" x 2.5"
 along with all the accessories to create a super boy or girl with outfits
 in many styles. You'll find a suit, cape, gloves, boots, masks, a crown,
belt, and symbols to decorate their outfits.
$24.99 plus shipping
Retro Typewriter
3" x 2.5"
$10.99 plus shipping