Monday, April 11, 2016

New Tattered Lace Items

A few new Tattered Lace items have been added.  They are all very pretty and unique...I especially love the Gatefold Edger die set.  Plus, the Pop Up Box die set takes all the measuring, scoring and cutting guesswork out of making a pop up box card.  If you would like any of these items, please call me at 574-784-9050 or send an e-mail to:
Tattered Lace Magazine Issue #27
Tattered Lace Magazine #27 includes a FREE Bows & Birds die,
a beautiful and versatile die.  Tutorials on how to make the most
of the Melded dies and different ways to use them.  Plus, don't
forget the designer papers that are included.
$19.99 plus shipping
Barn Owl
5.31" x 2.36"
$19.50 plus shipping
Winged Heart
3.98" x 2.76"
$24.00 plus shipping
Pop Up Box Die Set
 Box: 10.62" x 5.12"
Regular Price $52.00
Special Price:  $46.00 plus shipping 

Essentials Uppercase Alphabet
26 dies - each letter approx. .39" tall
$20.00 plus shipping

Essentials Ornate Lattice
5.63" x 8.19"
Regular Price $55.00
Special Price: $47.50 plus shipping 
Essentials Gatefold Edge Dies
 4 dies
Decadent Lace: 1.65" x 5.63"
Opulent Lace: 2.80" x 5.67"
Sumptuous Lace: 0.28" 5.63"
Demure Lace: 0.63" x 5.59"
$22.00 plus shipping
Essentials Sumptuous Lace Decor. Detail
1.54" x 1.81"
$14.50 plus shipping
Essentials Demure Lace Dec. Detail
5.55" x 1.38"
$34.99 plus shipping
Essentials Opulent Lace Dec. Detail
4.33" x 2.44"
$34.99 plus shipping


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