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Frantic Stamper - New Items

Frantic Stamper has lots of great new dies out.  Several love themed dies great for Valentine's Day, Engagement and Wedding cards.  The Paris themed dies would also make some cool travel or romance type cards.  So many wonderful dies to choose from!  You can let me know what you want by calling 574-784-9050 or e-mail me at: 
Sun Rays Quilt Panel
A twist on the popular Sunburst pattern, this die gives you 
a corner sun rays design measuring 3.75" x 5". 
 Each sun ray pops out for inlay work, and features a stitched line. 
The corner "sun" is large enough for a stamped sentiment, 
or a small die.
$25.99 plus shipping 
Twelve Piece Puzzle Panel
 This fun 12 piece puzzle die measures 4" x 3". 
It cuts a thin puzzle piece frame + 12 pieces.
**See "Puzzle Me"Stamp Set for coordinating sentiments.
$20.99 plus shipping 
Nine Piece Puzzle Panel
 9 piece puzzle die measures 3.25" x 3.25". 
 It cuts a thin puzzle piece frame + 9 pieces.
 **See "Puzzle Me"Stamp Set for coordinating sentiments.
$18.99 plus shipping
Heart Puzzle
 Our Heart Puzzle die cuts out 2 interlocking pieces. 
 The heart measures 1.5" x 1.375" assembled. 
 **See "Puzzle Me"Stamp Set for coordinating sentiments.
$5.99 plus shipping
Puzzle Piece
 This single puzzle piece die measures 1" x 1.7". 
 It is designed so the pieces perfectly fit together 
when you assemble multiple cuts of the same die.
$5.99 plus shipping 
Puzzle Me Clear Stamp Set
 14 clear stamps featuring fun puzzle inspired sentiments. 
** This stamp set set is a "perfect match" for our puzzle dies
 (FRA9731, FRA9732, FRA9733, and FRA9734)
$14.99 plus shipping

Image result for frantic stamper stitched fishtail labels 
Stitched Double Fishtail Labels
Set of 4 double fishtail stitched banners, 
perfect for adding stamped phrases to your cards.
They measure approx. 3.75" x 1.25"; 4" x 0.75"; 
 2.375" x 0.5"; and 1.9" x 0.4"
$14.99 plus shippng 
Stitched Petal Rectangles
 Set of 3 sitched rectangles with opposing rounded corners. 
 Can be used as an accent piece or a perfect way to
 frame a stamped sentiment.
The pieces measure: 4" x 2"; 3.5" x 1.5"; and 3" x 1".
$14.99 plus shipping

Image result for FRA9737
Stitched Petal Squares
 Set of 6 dies featured a trendy stitched inner line 
bordering squares with opposing rounded corners. 
Use them for layering, creating flowers, and so much more.
The dies measure: 4", 3.5", 3", 2.5", 2" and 1.5"
$25.99 plus shipping
Love Card Band
 5.5" x 1.625"
$16.99 plus shipping

Image result for FRA9739 Lattice Heart
Lattice Heart
3.75" x 2.3"
$16.99 plus shipping
Rose Cut Out Border
 Create a delicate detailed card edge with our Rose Cutout Border. 
 It measures 6" long x 1.5" wide. 
The rose design is 5" long, so this die can be used on a regular A2 card 
or a 6"x6" card with ease, but can also easily be extended for larger cards
 by simply extending the straight cut on both ends.
$14.99 plus shipping

Scribble Roses
3.125" x 1.5" and 1.3" x .7"
$8.99 plus shipping 
Small Reverse Cut Out Rose
2.5" x .8"
 Perfect size  for adding a delicate detail to tags, note cards, 
envelope flaps, card corners, and so much more. 
The design cuts into your paper, leaving the reverse image open.
$5.99 plus shipping

 Trellis Arch
2.625" x 3.5"
Great for Spring or Wedding cards.
$14.99 plus shipping
Wedding Day Words
3" x 1.5"
$6.99 plus shipping 
Happy Anniversary
 Set of 2 dies.
 "Happy" measures 1.75" x 1.1" and
 "Anniversary" measures 3.3" x 1".
$8.99 plus shipping
Engagement Ring
1.25" x 1.625"
$5.99 plus shipping 
Dancing the Night Away
1.625" x 3"
$7.99 plus shipping
Wedding Wishes Clear Stamp Set
4" x 6" stamp set
**Coordinates with Wedding and Engagement themed dies
$14.99 plus shipping

La Tour Eiffel
2" x 4"
$8.99 plus shipping

Paris Icons
 Set of 5 "fun size" dies features Paris' most famous attractions. 
The Eiffel Tower measures approx. 0.7" x 1.5".
The Arc de Triomphe measures approx. 0.8" x 0.75".
Notre Dame cathedral measures approx. 0.8" x 1.25".
The Moulin Rouge measures approx. 0.825" x 1.125".
The Sacre Coeur basilica measures approx. 1.125" x 1.2".
$10.99 plus shipping 
Paris Word
3.25" x 1.8"
$8.99 plus shipping
Bridge Railing
6" x .9"
$11.99 plus shipping

Metro Sign
 The iconic Art Deco style Paris Metro sign can
easily be altered to contain other words.
 The "Metro" rectangle cuts out of the sign, giving you
the option to replace it with your desired stamped word.
$6.99 plus shipping

Bistro Table and Chair
 This set of 2 dies includes a table measuring 1.25" x 1.375"
and matching chair measuring 0.675" x 1.7".
$6.99 plus shipping

Paris Street Lamps
 This set of 2 lamp posts are sized for perspective scenes.
 Large lamp measures 0.75" x 3.5",
 and the smaller one measures 0.625" x 3".
$7.99 plus shipping
2.625" x 1.625"
$7.99 plus shipping
 Set of 6 dies includes 3 perfume bottles,
 each measuring approx. 0.75" x 1.125" + 3 tiny labels
$7.99 plus shipping

Kissing Couple
1.875" x 3"
$7.99 plus shipping

Shopping Michelle
1.55" x 2.75"
$6.99 plus shipping

Strolling Monique
1.25" x 2.75"
$6.99 plus shipping


Strutting Marie
1.25" x 2.75"
$6.99 plus shipping

Dapper Maurice
 Dapper in his suit and tie, Maurice measures 0.875" x 2.875",
 and is sized perfectly to match with Michelle (FRA9758),
Monique (FRA9759) or Marie (FRA9760)
$5.99 plus shipping

Trendy Jean-Marc
 Jean-Marc fancies a more casual look.
He  measures 0.875" x 2.875",
 and is sized perfectly to match with Michelle (FRA9758),
Monique (FRA9759) or Marie (FRA9760)
$5.99 plus shipping

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