Friday, November 20, 2015

Tattered Lace New Items

Some new items from Tattered Lace, unfortunately not any of the great Christmas ones that we are starting to see.  I am hoping that my supplier will still get them, but if not by now, I don't know.  As usual, if you see anything you want, send an e-mail to: or call me at: 574-784-9050 
Tattered Lace Magazine - Issue #23 
Tattered Lace Magazine #23 includes a delicate
 "Congratulations" die as your free die this month 
and 6 tutorials to get you started.
  As well as the free die, there is also a free gift of the Cut Tidy! 
Cut Tidy is a fabulous product that,
 not only makes die cutting easy, but also tidy too!
 A How To is also included, so give it a try!

There are 29 top notch projects featured in the magazine.
 Most of the projects  use the free papers in the center of the magazine.  
$19.99 plus shipping 
Charleston Couple
2.24" x 3.94"
$21.00 plus shipping 
Vintage Caravan
3.37" x 2.72"
$21.00 plus shipping 
Vintage Pram
2.91" x 2.91"
$23.00 plus shipping 
Baby Penguin
1.77" x 2.56"
$15.00 plus shipping
Horse and Jockey
3.94" x 3.58"
$24.00 plus shipping 
Barley Grass
Sml Grass: 0.83" x 2.32"
Lg Grass: 1.34" x 4.65"
$21.50 plus shipping
A Little Bit of Love
3.27" x 5"
$35.00 plus shipping
Moonlight Dance
3.15" x 4.33" 
$31.00 plus shipping

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