Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tattered Lace Magazine Issue #20 and more....

Tattered Lace Magazine Issue #20 is here and the free die is absolutely beautiful!  Be sure to check out the video demonstrating the new Tattered Lace Envelope Crafter.  And, finally, the Tattered Lace die that so many have inquired about is now available.  The stunning Ultimate Die that has been part of the logo design for Tattered Lace that so many have come to love is here!  It is an anniversary die design of unmatched beauty and detail, and I am offering it at a special price to my customers who are such devoted Tattered Lace fans.  If you would like to order any of these items, please call me at 574-784-9050 or e-mail me at: 
Tattered Lace Magazine - Issue #20
Tattered Lace Magazine #20 (includes Free Die - Butterflies and Foliage) Absolutely gorgeous. A butterfly, nestled between flowers and foliage.  This is a die that you will use over and over again. Plus don't forget the 16 Free beautiful papers found in the center of the magazine.
This issue has a little bit of a theme running and it is all about the Love! Heart shapes and the fun and versatility that they provide. Also included is a 6 project spherical featuring the Interchangeable Embossing Folders.  It also takes a look at the festive season.
$19.99 plus shipping 
The Ultimate Die
2 pc. set
The famous anniversary design die that is the official logo for Tattered Lace.
8-1/4" x 3-1/8"
Suggested Retail $60.00
My Special Price - $50.00

Elizabeth Border Die
3 pc. set
8" x 2"
 Use all 3 dies as a single die to cut a border. The outer dies cuts border around the edge of the middle die when used together. The center die can be used on its own to cut the design into the cardstock.
$36.50 plus shipping
Christmas Sentiments
You will have many words to choose from with this sentiment die. 30 words in all. 
Words that can be mixed and matched to personalize your cards.
Words are approx. 1/2" tall.
$43.99 plus shipping
Envelope Crafter
Make any size envelope
Easy to use and portable.  Create beautiful original envelopes from any paper or card stock at any size using this one revolutionary tool! Instructions and measurements are printed on the tool.
All you need to make and envelope is the Envelope Maker, pen, scissors and scoring tool (optional). Instructions included. Use cardstock and for larger cards you can also use gift wrapping paper or wallpaper to make the envelopes.
$21.00 plus shipping


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