Saturday, May 9, 2015

New Frantic Stamper Dies

Frantic Stamper has some new dies available that are going to be perfect for your summer themed cards.  Lots of beach/fish/nautical themed dies, fun fruit dies, and so much more.  You can call me at 574-784-9050 or e-mail me at: if you want anything.
Saharan Screen Card Panel
3.75" x 5"
$24.99 plus shipping 
Floral Card Band
6" x 1.75"
$17.99 plus shipping
Our lacy Floral Card Band cuts a gorgeous pattern into the front of a card
 (i.e. a reverse cut), leaving the top and bottom attached to your card.
 It can be placed anywhere on the card that you wish for different effects. 
 A border of tiny holes was added on either side of the design. 
Leave the holes as they are for an eyelet lace effect, or string
 twine through for a more "country" look.
Hello Card Band
5.75" x 1.5"
$14.99 plus shipping
"HELLO" card band is perfect for a quick card that will wow the recipient. 
The word reverse cuts from the front of a card, leaving the top and bottom attached, 
giving you an open sentiment with a pretty scalloped edge

Happy Card Band
5.75" x 1.5"
$14.99 plus shipping
The word reverse cuts from the front of a card, leaving the top and bottom attached,
giving you an open sentiment with a dainty dotted edge.
Sand Castles on the Beach Card Panel
approx. 3.75" x 5"
$24.99 plus shipping
 Nothing says "summer" like kids building sandcastles on a sunny beach.
 This fabulous scene will make a quick and easy card with tons of detail for you.
Beach Comber Icons
Between 1/2" and 1" ea.
$5.99 plus shipping
Tall Palm Tree with Fronds
2" x 3.125"
$8.99 plus shipping
Extra fronds to layer on the canopy and really give it full dimension.
Also included is a set of tiny coconuts!
Bubble Border
5.5" x 1.5"
$14.99 plus shipping
 Ocean Floor Icons
5 dies .7" to 1.3"
$8.99 plus shipping
Sea Creature Icons
6 dies measure between 1" and 1.9"
$13.99 plus shipping
This fantastic large fish bowl measures 3.5" wide x 2.8" tall.
 Inside the fishbowl are 5 different fish that will cut out at the same time. 
$17.50 plus shipping
Angel Fish
large fish measures 3" x 2.75"
 smaller fish facing the opposite direction measuring 1.75" x 1.3"
$16.99 plus shipping
Clown Fish
2.5" x 1.5"
$5.99 plus shipping
1.75" x 3"
$8.99 plus shipping
Bottlenose Dolphin
2.5" x 1"
$5.00 plus shipping
Nautical Icons
Set of 5 detailed dies measuring 1.125" to 1.5"
$10.99 plus shipping
2" x 3"
$7.99 plus shipping
Transportation Icons
 This fun set of 7 small transportation dies includes a car (0.8" x 0.375"),
 a bicycle (1" x 0.625"), a luxury sedan (1.125" x 0.375"), a bus (1.25" x 0.6"),
a camping trailer (1.5" x 0.6"), a semi truck (1.75" x 0.875")
and an airplane (1.75" x 0.75"). Designed to work in conjunction with our other
 travel dies. For example, you can fly the plane over the San Francisco
 Cityscape skyline (FRA9516), or show a car traveling across the USA
 on the map die (FRA9517).
$13.99 plus shipping
San Francisco Cityscape
5.5" x 1.5"
$11.99 plus shipping
This set of 3 dies cuts out the continental USA in 1 piece
 with cut line details to accentuate each state.
 (NOTE: the states do not cut out individually…. They would be much too small).
There are also 2 dies that will cut Alaska and Hawaii separately.
The continental USA die measures 3.8" x 2.25".  This die is small enough to fit
on a standard card front, yet still give good detail.
$14.99 plus shipping
Map Icons
Set of 7 map icons ranging in size from 1/2" to 1"
$7.99 plus shipping
Statue of Liberty
3.5" x 1.3"
$7.99 plus shipping
Star Border
5.5" x 1.75"
$14.99 plus shipping
Lawn Flamingo
1.875"w x 2.5"t
$6.99 plus shipping
Tropical Drinks
Set of 4 dies. Measuring from 1.5" tall to 2.25" tall
$13.99 plus shipping
Fresh Fruit Icons
 Set of 8 tiny fruit dies. The strawberry is 0.3", and the banana is 1.25" long.
$7.99 plus shipping
1.875"w x 2.45"t
$6.99 plus shipping
Citrus Slices
 The full slice measures 2.125" in diameter. The half slice is 2.125" x 1.05"
$12.99 plus shipping
Watermelon Slices
The large slice measures 2.7" x 1.375", and the wedge measures 1.375" x 1.2".
The seeds and rind cut out at the same time for easy assembly.
Cut the die in 3 colors (rind, flesh, seeds) and assemble the pieces.
$9.99 plus shipping
2.75"w x 3.5"t
$13.50 plus shipping

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