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New Frantic Stamper Dies - Feb. Release #2

Well, what a wonderful surprise!  Frantic Stamper has a second release for February.  I thought I loved the first release, but this one, I am in love with!!  With several Southwestern themed dies to choose from, awesome card panels, and spring themed dies, you will find lots of ideas for your next cards.  And last, but not least, The Mix N Match floral collection is genius.  They have designed a Mix N Match collection of flowers for you to create bouquets for every occasion.
The series includes stems and interchangeable flowers, leaves and buds. All the flowers in this series are sized to mix and match with each other, and sized to fit in their Mason Jar or Milk Bottle die (FRA9421). They can be used alone or tie a bunch of flowers together with a bow for a pretty bouquet. These flowers are perfect for a pick-me-up card, get well, Mother's Day, "thank you" cards and so much more. If you would like to order any of these fantastic dies, you can call me at 574-784-9050 or e-mail me at: and let me know what you want.
Native Pot and Cactus
Set of 2 dies. 
Approx sizes: Pot 1.9” x 2.25”; Cactus 2.8” x 2.25” 
$15.99 plus shipping 
Southwestern Bear and Bison
  Bison measures 2.75" x 2"
 Bear measures 2.125" x 1.675"
 Both designs feature tribal adornments, and as a bonus, 
you get 2 arrows that will cut from the animals!
 Save them for inlay work or for use separately. 
$14.99 plus shipping
Chili Peppers
2.5" x 2.75"
$7.99 plus shipping
Southwestern Gecko
2.75" x 2.75"
 An added bonus to this die is the wonderful crooked arrow 
you will have as a scrap piece when cutting the gecko!! 
How about cutting him in 2 colors and interchanging
 the arrow and dots from his body. Get creative!!! 
$8.99 plus shipping
Kokopeli and Zia
  Kokopeli measures 1.25" x 2.75"
 Zia sun measures 2.2" x 2.2" 
$12.99 plus shipping 
Dream Catcher
 The Native American Dream Catcher die is the perfect addition
 to your Southwestern themed card. Measuring 1.625" wide x 3" tall,
 it's a nice focal point size for an A2 card in either direction. 
A great companion to this die is our "Dream" die (FRA9431)
 $6.99 plus shipping
Arrow Card Sketchers
 Our popular Card Sketcher series start off with a card layer base, 
which in this set is a 3.75" x 5" rounded rectangle with an arrow.
You can orientate this panel in 4 ways making the arrow direct up, 
down, or sideways depending on the look you are going for. 
The panel features trendy stitching too! Inside, we have nested
 8 fun arrow styles, including curved arrows, a cool chevron arrow, 
one that cuts ONLY the dots (cut this one into a card), and even a circular arrow.
 Arrows measure approx. 7/8" to 1-1/2"
$27.99 plus shipping
Star Card Panel
3.75" x 5"
 The popular card panels will give you a 1/4" border on a standard A2 size card. 
This design features interlocking stars allowing you to create fun inlay color blocks. 
$24.99 plus shipping 
Bubble Card Panel
3.75" x 5"
$24.99 plus shipping
Pop Up Card Bases
This set of 7 dies features a Pop-Up card base (scoring line with attached pop-up element),
 3 pop-up tabs, 2 semi circle cutters (for making stand up cards, or for cutting
 semi-circular tabs), and a long narrow slot which can be used for card mechanisms, 
or as a slit opening. These basic shapes are great for a variety of uses. 
$8.99 plus shipping 
Garden Bird Houses
 Garden Birdhouses set features 3 birdhouses, 
1 pole and a vine to wrap around the pole. 
 The large birdhouse measures 1.75" x 1.875";
 the smallest measures 0.75" x 0.75";
 the pole measures 2.875" tall; and the vine is 0.8" x 3"
$15.99 plus shipping
Spring Cottage in the Wildwoods Card Panel
3.75" x 5"
This beautiful spring cottage scene will create a quick and elegant card. 
$24.99 plus shipping 
Park Bench
2.625" x 1.75"
$7.50 plus shipping
1.25" x 3"
$6.99 plus shipping 
Large Swallowtail Butterfly
3.5" x 3"
  Matches the Large Solid Swallowtail (FRA9420) 
$15.99 plus shipping
Large Solid Swallowtail Butterfly &  Icons
Use it as a backing for FRA9419 or use it alone for a plain butterfly. 
Also included in this set are 4 small (5/8") butterfly icons, 
 perfectly sized to add to a bouquet of flowers, or to create a whimsical border. 
$15.99 plus shipping
Milk Bottle and Mason Jar
This versatile set of containers is perfect for arranging our Mix N Match flowers 
into an informal bouquet, or fill them with small goodies. 
Try making shaker cards with acetate fronts, or use a clear medium
 (such as Glossy Accents or Liquid Glass) to give the jars a glass look. 
The mason jar measures 1.6" wide x 3" tall. The milk jar is 0.8" wide x 1.9" tall. 
 The tiny string bow is just a bonus die and measures 0.5" x 0.75".
 It's perfect for tying around the neck of the milk bottle.
$9.99 plus shipping
Mix N Match Wildflowers
  This set of 7 dies features a variety of wildflower heads 
(Queen Anne's Lace, daisies, dandelions) ranging in size from 7/8" to 1-1/2". 
 Coordinating leaves also included in this set range from 7/8" to 1-3/8".
All the flowers in this series are sized to mix and match with each other.
$9.99 plus shipping 
Mix N Match Irises
This set of 5 dies features 3 flower heads (iris, tiger lily and gladioli)
 ranging in size from 1/2" to 1-1/4". 
Coordinating leaves also included in this set range from 2" to 2-3/4" long. 
$9.99 plus shipping
Mix N Match Poppies
 This set of 6 dies features 4 poppy flower heads in different stages of bloom, 
ranging in size from 1/4" to 1-3/8". Coordinating leaves
 also included in this set range from 1" to 1-1/2" long. 
$9.99 plus shipping
Mix N Match Floral Stems
This set of 4 dies features stems in different curves to help you create
 a natural bouquet. The stems measure 2-1/4" to 2-5/8" long.
$6.99 plus shipping
Mix N Match Lilac
  This set of 4 dies features a lilac flower base sized at 7/8" wide x 2-5/16" tall 
with 8 tiny flowers to shape and glue over the base for a real dimensional look. 
Coordinating leaves also included in this set range from 3/4" to 7/8" long.
$8.99 plus shipping
Good Friends Daisy Frame
This Spring themed frame measures 3-3/8" x 4-1/2"
and can be used in either direction as a focal point on a card.
Stamp your favorite sentiment inside for a quick greeting card. 
The additional words "good" (1-3/4" x 1") and "Friends" (2-3/4" x 7/8")
 can be used inside the frame, or mix and match them with our other word dies. 
$19.99 plus shipping 
Fancy Scroll
3" x 2.25"
$7.99 plus shipping
Follow Your Dreams
3.25" x 2.1"
$10.99 plus shipping
Floral Thinking of You
5" x 3.75"
$19.99 plus shipping
3" x 1.5"
$6.99 plus shipping
Grand 2.5” x 1.2”; Mother 3” x 1”; Father 2.55” x 0.9
$12.99 plus shipping
Accessory Words Set #2
 Complimenting our original set of small accessory words (FRA9364),
we took your suggestions and created another set of 17 words
which can be combined with larger words to create customized sentiments.
These words are sized at 7/16" tall for the base letters
(such as the word "can"), and 1-1/16" for words
 with ascenders and descenders (such as the word "for")
$19.99 plus shipping
Thanks Card Band
 This die is designed to cut the greeting into a card front,
 leaving the word thanks as a cutout.
The die measures 5.75" wide to allow you to use it in for both
a landscape or portrait orientation card, or even a card layer for a 6x6 card.
The word "Thanks" measures 3.8" wide x 1.5" tall.
$11.99 plus shipping

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