Sunday, July 6, 2014

Power Finally Restored !!

Good Morning Ladies,

So glad to report that power was finally restored  to our home yesterday after the terrible storm that hit Monday night.  We lost a couple trees and one of them took out a utility pool on our property.  Everyone around us got their electricity back on Thursday evening, but because a new pole had to be installed, it took a little longer for us.  It is soooo good to be back home with all my STUFF.  We are very blessed that my parents live just 15 min. away and they have spare bedrooms always ready for times like these.  However, trying to run a business off location is not easy.  I wasn't near my inventory, and I didn't have access to my computer, shipping label program/machine,  or credit card machine.  I had to access my e-mail form another server from my mom's computer and things were kind of screwy.  Sometimes it wouldn't let me read an e-mail or let me respond to an e-mail.  Thank you for your patience.  Now that I am home and can get my e-mails from Outlook, I am going thru all my accumulated e-mails from the past week and responded from here just in case.  Apologies if you get a duplicate reply to your orders.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.  Now, to catch up on everything and also clean out everything from our refrigerators and freezers.  Thankfully, we were able to move our beef and pork to a relative's freezer before it thawed.  But now everything else has to go.  UGH!

Despite the damage and incredible inconvenience, there are always things to be so thankful for.  And that is what I found so good for my children to see in this...God's hand of protection over us.  No one was hurt, no damage to our house, shop or vehicles.  And the day after the storm, volunteer family and friends came out with chainsaws and helped clean up all the destruction on the property.  That really made an impression on my 18 yr. old son.  How many of his friends just showed up to help after he posted pictures on Facebook.  A mom of one of his friends stopped by with homemade cookies for everybody that was there working.  And at the end of the day everything was tidy again, and a couple people took truckloads of firewood so that helped them out too.

So tomorrow, all will be up and running and it will be business as usual.  I am sorry for all who probably tried to call last week and got no answer.  But please call again on Monday (574-784-9050) and I will be there to help you with whatever you need.  I truly missed talking to my wonderful customers!



Olga Moore said...

Terri, so glad to hear that your power is back on and that the storm didn't do any damage to your home and that you and your family were safe. :)

Mrs. Swandog said...

Glad to hear everyone is safe and healthy. A big shout out to everyone who helped you get your place back in ship shape. God is great!

Jan said...

Terri, Glad you and your family were all safe. I believe if you contact your power company they will imburse you for some of your food loss. My daughter lived in Conn. and they had a terrible blizzard with no power for over a week. She contacted the electric company and she did receive some credit on her bill. It doesn't hurt to check on it. Jan