Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Joan's Gardens Temporarily Out of Commission Due To Storms

Good Morning Ladies,

A horrible storm when through our vicinity last night/early morning and caused a lot of damage.  With tornado warnings and heavy winds, etc. we feel incredibly blessed that no real damage touched us.  We did lose 2 large trees on our property, one of which took down electric and phones lines, but narrowly missed my shop and Ken's new truck!  We most likely will be without electric or phone service for a couple days I am guessing.  You can still contact me via e-mail at myjoansgardens.com as I will be working from my parents house.

So,  this all took place as I was trying to get the new Memory Box Release posted to my website.  I was able to get the Memory Box dies posted.  Stay tuned for additional new release stamps, stencils, and Poppy Stamp dies.  My apologies.  I will try to keep operations and shipping going as best I can.  Thank you for your patience.


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Bonnie said...

Thankful that you are all ok. Praying for your strength during this time of "clean-up".