Wednesday, June 25, 2014

XCut dies

Okay, I love when customers share information and ideas about products that I have never even heard of.  A customer asked me if I could get XCut dies....and although I was not familiar with them, I discovered that I could get them through one of my suppliers.  Being somewhat close-minded, I told her that I could get them for her, but they looked too complicated for me.  She forwarded a YouTube video showing how these dies worked and I was impressed.  I decided to post these because some of you may be like me...never heard of them or dismissed them because they just looked too difficult.  But looks can be deceiving and after watching the video and seeing the easy and amazing creations you could make with these dies, I am excited to try them.  Also, an added bonus...they include a magnetic sheet that can be used as a shim for extra defined cutting and storage. Be sure to check out the YouTube video at the end of the post that shows how beautiful and easy these dies really are.

*XCut Build-A-Scene Dies - $24.99 ea. plus shipping*

Vintage Hot Air Balloon
6-1/2 x 11 inch package
 contains 22 dies and magnetic sheet

Garden Party
  6- 1/2x11 inch package contains
9 dies and magnetic sheet

*XCut A5 Die Sets - $24.99 ea. plus shipping*
Each 6-1/2x11 inch package includes a magnetic sheet.

20 pc. die set

14 pc. die set

24 pc. die set

10 pc. die set
**coordinates with PM907322 Stamp Set

Butterflies A5 Clear Stamp Set
10 pc. stamp set
$9.99 plus shipping

Musical Instruments
23 pc. die set
** coordinates with PM907323 Stamp Set

Musical Instruments A5 Clear Stamp Set
23 pc. stamp set
$9.99 plus shipping

Kitchen Utensils
26 pc. die set 

Carnival Numbers
16 pc. die set
**coordinates with PM907316 Stamp Set

Carnival Numbers A5 Clear Stamp Set
16 pc. stamp set
$10.99 plus shipping

*XCut Decorative Dies - Large -
 $14.99 ea. plus shipping*

Tags and Bookplates
9x5 inch package 
contains 10 dies and magnetic sheet
$14.99 plus shipping


Floral Flourishes
9x5 inch package 
contains 7 dies and magnetic sheet 
$14.99 plus shipping

Leafy Flourishes
9x5 package 
contains 4 dies and magnetic sheet.
$14.99 plus shipping










This video is long and a little on the annoying side...however, if you advance to about 4:30 she will begin to talk about these XCut dies - I believe at about 25:25 she describes the Build-A-Scene dies - definitely worth watching.

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ionabunny said...

Oh Terri, you made me laugh about the video. I sometimes wonder how people have time to watch them. I certainly don't have the patience to watch someone watch paint dry!! Always appreciate when people get to the point and wizz through the boring bits. So glad you are carrying these dies. They are fabulous. They cut well and you get so many dies in a pack they are excellent value for money. Love the little birds and the clouds in the balloon set