Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Good Morning & Updates!

Good Morning Ladies,

I wanted to get this out yesterday but we were trying to finalize getting the home office set up and were having to work out the glitches....like having no internet for a good part of the day, getting the internet issue figured out but then having no phone, credit card machine issues and shipping program issues (apparently my physical home address is NOT recognized by the postal service??)  Anyway, by 9:30 p.m. I think we finally got everything settled!

All 5 of my kids were home this weekend helping get everything moved in and set up, they also helped set up a new bedroom set and queen size mattress, etc. in an upstairs bedroom...not an easy task.  I am so very thankful for loving kids that are so willing to spend an entire weekend helping their parents out.  Of course we always have a good time when we are together no matter what unpleasant task we may be doing and we did have some down time where we just relaxed and enjoyed good food, looked through a huge box of pictures we found buried in a closet, and we also got to enjoy the grandkids.  Four of my kids got to see their newest niece for the first time and that was awesome.
 My newest granddaughter Scarlett - 3 wks. old

My Daughter Britt meeting Scarlett for the 1st time

Also, the weather has finally warmed up a little bit and Ken has really been able to make some progress on the building!  We are ready for drywall and windows now.  I am getting excited...

I will be posting some new items a little later.  And please make sure to check out Joan's website www.joanstouch.com - she is hosting another card challenge this week and I will be awarding a prize to the challenge winner


Diane said...

Darling grand baby...how nice you got to relax and spend some quality family time...we all need to do that now and then...looks like the building is really taking shape...and hopefully the weather will improve more each day!! Have a great week!!

Pssequimages said...

Welcome to the world little Scarlett. What an adorable little girl. The building looks just wonderful. Wishing for improving weather and the coming of spring for your project.

Tina Kelly said...

Wonderful Terri--the new home and office--but most of all that beautiful baby girl granddaughter. She is adorable. And congratulations Mom

Nancy Hill said...

Alot to be thankful this year - beautiful grand baby and new adventure in this business plus more to come. Congratulations and have fun!