Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Last Chance to order Heartfelt Creations Majestic Morning IWIA Collection

Don't Miss Out!!  Only 2 days left to order the Heartfelt Creations  Majestic Morning I Want It All Collection.   Save over $20 by purchasing this beautiful collection as the I Want It All package will not be available after  Feb. 7th. Please get your orders to me as soon as possible.   You will still be able to order individual pieces of the collection after that date, just not the I Want It All.  If you would like to order this package or individual pieces please call me at 574-656-3663 or e-mail me at  Make sure to see the tutorial video at the bottom of the post to see just some of the wonderful creations you can make with these products.

Majestic Morning Collection: click to enlarge

Majestic Morning Collection
IWIA 142 
Retail $130.92
My price: $125.00 plus shipping
**Limited Edition  Available through: 02/07/2014

This includes all the products listed below:

HCDP1 239 Majestic Morning Paper Collection
HCD 742 Majestic Blooms Die
HCPC 3577 Vintage Morning Background PreCut Set
HCPC 3578 Majestic Morning Background PreCut Set
HCPC 3579 Majestic Collage PreCut Set
HCPC 3580 Majestic Morning Blooms PreCut Set
HCPC 3581 Majestic Morning Accents PreCut Set
HCPC 3582 Majestic Morning Bouquet PreCut Set

**Please note that the Card Kit is no longer available in the IWIA package which is why the price is lower now than originally posted.  If you ordered your collection very early for $153.00  it will include the card kit.

 Majestic Morning Paper Collection: click to enlarge

                                                                        HCDP1 239
                                                                    12X12 Paper pad
                                                                 $23.99 plus shipping

 Majestic Blooms Die: click to enlarge

Majestic Blooms Die
HCD 742
$28.99 plus shipping

Majestic Morning Blooms PreCut Set 

Majestic Morning Blooms PreCut
HCPC 3580
$14.99 plus shipping

Vintage Morning Background PreCut Set 

Vintage Morning Background PreCut
HCPC 3577
$14.99 plus shipping 

Majestic Morning Bouquet PreCut Set

Majestic Morning Bouquet PreCut
HCPC 3582
$14.99 plus shipping

Majestic Collage PreCut Set

Majestic Collage PreCut
HCPC 3579
$14.99 plus shipping 

Majestic Morning Accents PreCut Set

Majestic Morning Accents PreCut
HCPC 3581
$14.99 plus shipping 

Majestic Morning Background PreCut Set: click to enlarge
  Majestic Morning Background
HCPC 3578
$14.99 plus shipping

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