Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Note From Joan

My last day of being the owner of Joan's Gardens is getting close, so you might want to check out the past sales that started in November to see if there is anything  you missed which we might still  have.  We tried very hard to get everything marked off the web site, but I won't promise you that we still  have it.  It won't hurt to try though.

This is the link of the first sale.  When you get to the bottom of the page, just click on next and it will take you to the next day.  Click here!

So, if you see anything you would still like to have that is not marked off , please email or call 574 656 3663 and we will check to see if we do still have it.

We will start pulling and shipping this weeks orders today.  We will do our VERY best to combine all your orders, but sometimes we don't catch an added order and we are very sorry if this happens to you.

The sales have been a tremendous success (a huge thank you) and we have lots to do in the next 3 days when Terri takes over.  Please be patient with us and forgive us if we ship more than one package to you.  You would not believe the amount of orders we have to get out.

Thank you my friends!!!


Eileen L. said...

Thank you Joan for the wonderful sales days, even if I didnt get everything I wanted LOL. Im sure it has been a hectic and stressful time. I hope you enjoy your retirement immensely. Im just sorry, because of my health, I couldnt get to a few of your classes, would have loved and enjoyed your wisdom and beautiful yard. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours, and Good Wishes to Terry also.

Sharon said...

Thank you Joan for being a wonderful person and store owner. I've loved doing business with you and it's just fine if I get more than one order. I know how stressful it must have been on you and the one's working for you. You will be greatly missed.

Carol L said...

It's been such a pleasure buying from your store for so long, and the customer service has been the best! I wish I'd have been able to snag a few items from the sales, but all I found was SOLD OUT every time I checked them :) Best wishes always Joan - you will truly be missed!

Babs said...

So sorry to see you go-you will be missed

Babs said...

So sorry to see you go-you will be missed