Sunday, July 21, 2013

Susan's Paper Pens and Lady Bug Pearl Pens

These Viva Paper Pen Set and the Red, Black and Clear Set are what Susan Cockburn uses to make her Lady Bugs on a leaf of her flowers.  Order your sets today.

Red, black and Glass Effect Gel (Lady Bug Set)
**Currently not available from manufacturer**
$14.99 plus shipping
Comes with fine needle like tip to make the Lady Bugs.
Susan Cockburn uses the above pens to make her Lady Bugs on a leaf of her flowers.
Selma has done a fantastic tutorial for you to see how to make them.You can read it by clicking here!
Also, please keep scrolling down to read the reason Susan puts a lady bug on all here flower leaves.

**NOTE:  I can get the Red and Black Pearl Pen set for making the Lady Bugs for $8.99 - but no detailer tip...I have resorted to using a toothpick to apply the black dots and it works just fine & no clogged tips to worry about!

Viva Decor Paper Pen Set
 Yellow,Moss Green and Dk.Carmine Red
$12.50 plus shipping
.Susan has a special story about the lady bugs that she makes and she told me I could share it with you.

Viva Decor Detailer Tips
**Currently not available from manufacturer**
All $3.99 each plus shipping

VVDT 20110 -
This is the one that comes with the Lady Bug Set
$3.99 plus shipping

VVDT 20111

VVDT 20112
There is a personal story that goes with the ladybugs that I will share.  Almost three years ago my youngest daughter, Kelly, passed away from an aggressive form of breast cancer.  Before she slipped into a coma, I was holding her hand and she said to me, "I'm happy."  The day after she died, I went with my husband and son-in-law to the mortuary to make arrangements, but couldn't bring myself to get out of the car, so I let them handle it.  A ladybug landed on the windshield and came to rest in front of me and sat there until my hubby came back.  Several months later, our granddaughter (she was 2 years old) begged my oldest daughter, Erin, for a ladybug pillow pet she saw in Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  Later that evening, Maddie asked her mom to get her pillow pet from her bedroom.  When Erin asked her, "Maddie, why do you like this thing so much?" Maddie pointed to a photo of Kelly and said, "Her told me to get it!"  Next, Erin asked her, "Maddie, what is the ladybug's name?" expecting her to say Kelly or Auntie Sissy, but Maddie answered quickly, "Her name is Happy!"  Sizzix has been gracious enough to allow me to add the ladybug on the leaves because I came back to my flowers at Kelly's request I do.


Jane Wetzel said...

Hi Joan- what a beautiful story..thank you for sharing..

Lenoria said...

This brings tears to my eyes but I absolutely believe it about Kelly telling the child to get the pillow! My, then 3 year old, granddaughter who is special needs saw an old family portrait of my Mother, Dad, and all 8 of us children and she pointed to one of my brothers and said "him's my friend" and when I asked her which one did you point to, she pointed out my brother who died the day my daughter found out she was pregnant with my granddaughter! (and this sent cold chills all over my body) but considering she could have picked any of my other brothers or sisters I have no reason to not believe her.

ednamburgess said...

Such a lovely, heartbreaking story. Truth is better than fiction. Where do you get the lady bugs that you use. I love them. Edna

Diane said...

This brought tears to my eyes, what a wonderful story, I am so glad we got to "hear" it....thanks so much for sharing!! Oh, and I have subscribed for years, and also have you listed on my blog in my favorites, so that is an easy option, too, for people with blogs that is!!

Lynne said...

Brought tears to my eyes as well. I subscribe thru email and will continue to use this venue.

Jeannie Hafer said...

So heartrending, and yet so inspiring. Brings to mind, "A little child shall lead them." Thank you Susan for letting Joan share this precious information. From now on, I will always think of this story when I see a ladybug.

Jan Castle said...

Ladybugs are impressive little creatures and brighten up any landscape...TFS this lovely story! I subscribe by e-mail so glad I won't miss any postings - so look forward to them each day!
Paper Hugs,

Marjorie said...

What a touching story. I hope to make many "Happys" on the flowers I make from Susan's dies. Love her flowers.

Marjorie from TX

Mickie said...

Out of the mouths of babes! Such a lovely story, thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Joan, thanks much, played with my ladybug kit all weekend, took a bit till I got one I liked size and dots wise. So much fun!!
Enjoyed seeing the tutorial Selma did, wonderful job she did on that!

Again, thanks for everything, the kid came the day after I posted you, f course.
Talk to you soon,

Janie Printz said...

This touched my heart deeply. Nothing is more precious than a mothers children & I can't even image the pain both Susan & Kelly had to endure. I've always loved seeing Ladybugs & now they hold a "happy" place in my heart as well.
Hugs, Janie