Monday, June 24, 2013

Susan Cockburn's NEW Pollen Powders

We have some exciting news! We know many of you are having a lot of fun creating beautiful flowers with dies from Susan's Garden.  Susan Tierney-Cockburn discovered and uses a product called "Woodland Scenics" which is a pollen that can be used to create very realistic stamens for your flowers.   Because of Susan's love for these Pollen powders, she had Woodland design 9 speciality colors for her flowers and these colors are shown below.  The powders are supposed to start shipping on July 1.  I have already preordered  several sets of the collection, so if you would like to be put on the list to get a set, please email or call 574 656 3663 and I will save one for you.

Below the colors is a chart that shows what colors to use with each flower.  You will notice there are lots of new flowers and these are the ones that Susan will be introducing at CHA which will ship sometime in October.  I will be posting these new flower pictures in the next few days.
9 -1 oz packages $35.99 plus shipping
(prev. $25.99)
**I no longer sell this item due to 
increase in price and min. order
of 6 per color from supplier.

Susan Cockburn's Pollen Powders

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