Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NEW Dies from My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things has released some fabulous new dies.  If you would like to preorder  these new dies, please E-mail or call us at 574-656-3663. 

All names, numbers and prices are under the dies.  Blogger won't let me space them
correctly.  Drives me nuts!!!!

Lattice Fence
$14.99 plus shipping

Trellis and Vine
$12.99 plus shipping

Flower Box
$18.99 plus shipping

Button Border
$13.99 plus shipping


Hexagon Stax


$25.99 plus shipping


Insert It - 3x 4 pocket


$23.99 plus shipping

Insert It - 3/4 Notebook Paper


$14.99 plus shipping

Keys and Locks


$18.99 plus shipping

Large Fancy Flourish


$18.99 plus shipping

Leaf-Filled Flourish


$9.99 plus shippiing


Paper Doll Boy Border


$7.50 plus shipping


Heart Doily


$18.99 plus shipping

Rustic Hearts


$7.50 plus shipping

Square Pillow Box


$24.999 plus shippig

Ticket Book


$24.99 plus shipping


Trapezoid Treat Box


$20.99 plus shipping

Large Hybrid Heirloom Rose


$24.99 plus shipping



Mini Hybrid Heirloom Rose


$12.99 plus shipping


Jumbo Kites
$20.99 plus shipping 

 Party Hat Border
13.99 plus shipping

Blueprints 1
$32.99 plus shipping

 Jumbo Beautiful Bow
on backorder with supplier but I can order it for you
Flower box
$18.99 plus shipping 
 Party Banner

Poppy Builder
$20.99 plus shipping

 Spring Wreath
$15.99 plus shipping
 Poppies and Leaves
$10.99 plus shipping

Accent It - Cassette Tape
$24.99 plus shipping 

 Accent It - Rock and Roll
$24.99 plus shipping




Pssequimages said...

Wow! What a fantastic variety in these new products.

Anonymous said...

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