Friday, November 9, 2012

Video by Joan

I have created this video to show some tips and ideas using the eBosser. I believe everyone that has ordered one has received their machine.  I have had lots of great emails and phone calls expressing how much the love it.  I can still order them, so if you want to get one please email or call 574 656 3663.  It is a great item to put on your Christmas list too!

You can read all about it by clicking HERE!



Pssequimages said...

Wow! Joan, thank you for that great video on the use of this neat machine! It sure picks up the slack where some of the others are harder to work with!

Carol P said...

Thanks so much for doing this video! I really appreciate all the tips for using the ebosser even though I have to wait until after Xmas to use it!

marcelle b said...

Thanks Joan! It's Marcelle from Australia, and I am awaiting mine from an Australian company, should have got to them yesterday, so not long now!! I will save this video for when it comes, thanks again so much!!