Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Busy Time at Joan's Gardens

I thought you might enjoying seeing how busy we have been trying to get your orders shipped before we closed for a 3 day holiday.  My gals have been working extremely hard and Jon has been busy tormenting them (in a fun way of course).  We will be closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to give them time to prepare their dinners and shop till they drop.  We will reopen on Monday, but you can continue to send in orders all weekend.  Also, I will be posting a great Black Friday Sale Thursday at midnight.  Don't miss it.
Chris is our newest employee that started in August.  She pulls and packages all the orders.
  She worked for me when I had a Soap and Candle Manufacturing business,
so I knew her  work ethics and how great she was.  We are so happy to have her helping us!

Nancy post all the invoices and charges all the credit cards and sends out the
PayPal requests.  She does an excellent job and keeps things moving.  Jon
loves to torment them and does any of the heavy stuff that needs to be done.
This week he has been installing new lighting for our work area.
I don't have a picture of Karen, my bookkeeper as she only works on Mondays.  Karen
has worked for me for the last 24 years in every business I have had.  She is a marvelous lady and not one time in that 24 years have we ever had a tense moment. 
I have the best team of employees and they keep things going smooth (most of the time).
How blessed I am!!!!!!!
Maybe you wonder now what I do. (smile).  I do all the shipping labels, keep up the web site and try to find new products for you.  I don't get much time to craft these days and I miss it, 
 I love my business because of all of you wonderful customers.


Teresa said...

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday, whether with friends or family-and have a good rest !

Darlene said...

Having had the pleasure of meeting your 'staff', I must agree ... they are fabulous and work together like a 'well oiled machine'! May 2013 be the best ever for you, your staff and your families! I am truly blessed to be able to call you & Jon my friends and wish you & yours a blessed Thanksgiving! HUGS to you from OHIO!!

juanita Braun said...

I thank you and your staff for the wonderful service you provide your customers. I really enjoy doing business with you and appreciate all the help you and your staff have given me. Thank you so much.

Juanita Braun

Pssequimages said...

Oh what a GREAT post! Thank you to you and the ladies for ALL the hard work that makes OUR fun SO SWEET!

Unknown said...

Joan and "Gang", I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got some good family time in with all your loved ones, and filled your bellies to your hearts content.
I love doing business with you all, such wonderful friendly andefficientt service.
One of these days I hope to be able to meet you alluntilll then, we will just have to keep on counting on the lovelINTERNETet.
Take care and god bless you all.

Unknown said...

I did spell check with my previous post, I don't know what happened to that post, it was fine, oh well apologies.