Thursday, October 11, 2012

Can you help!!

Darsie Bruno, a well known crafter was awakened Tuesday morning by neighbors yelling that the duplex she lived in was on fire. The fire ignited in the other tenant's side of the duplex. Darise and her son were safely evacuated from her duplex and  thankfully no one was harmed.
Many fellow designers, friends and blog readers have asked how they can all help Darsie.
Darsie will need new craft supplies which we can all help with, but what she needs most at the moment is donations to replace the items in her house that have been damaged by smoke.
If you would like to help Darsie with a small contribution please click on the donate button at JustRite and you can make a donation directly into Darsie's paypal account.
A big thanks to any of you that can help and please lift Darsie and her son up in prayer!



Sharon Johnson said...

Thanks, Joan!

Pssequimages said...

Oh How tragic. Thank you for letting us know, Joan.