Monday, September 3, 2012

My Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day to all of you.  We have had great weather even though the weatherman predicted lots of rain.  Jon helped me a lot by pulling weeds all around the house.  It is amazing how the weeds grow even though we have had a very dry summer.  But, let me tell you when it started raining the weeds flourished.

And, what I have been doing?  I have a bushel of green beans and a bushel of tomatoes to can.  Everything is late this year and I am pretty much just getting started with my canning of vegetables.
I have half of the beans ready and in the jars and half of the tomatoes are cooking.  So, I do have a fairly good start on them.  Mom and I always canned together, and it sure isn't as much fun without her.  I need to find another canning partner, but it seems it is a lost art these days with so many women working.  But, I grew up on home canned food and I don't think I would know how to cook without it.  Do you can or freeze vegetables.  If so, I would love to hear from you and what you do.

The bean seed has been saved for several generations by my Mother. 
I will take more pictures later when I am done. I hope you have a wonderful day as we in America are truly blessed!


E. Marie said...

You are bringing back lots of memories. My mom canned everything and that is what we ate. After I got married, I started canning vegetables from my garden. When I was a stay at home mom, we would go pick vegetables as a family on one of the local farms and I would can and freeze them. Now that I work full time I have let it go, accept for applesauce in fall. My girls still ask for this and take jars with them to college.

Gretchen Wilson said...

The beans are delicious, I know for a fact, because I had them at your house; I don't can and I don't freeze and I don't garden. I'm such a whip.

Paula Huiras said...

Since we grow corn and peas for a canning company we can buy vegetables and fruit for a discount. I still freeze corn and blanch tomatoes, put them in bags and use them for chili. I also freeze apples for pies and sauce. I know it is a lost art. My MIL makes the best canned beef-it is so tender and good.

Carmen Willis said...

Hi Joan,
Yes, I do still can vegetables, tuna, smoked sturgeon, and various other fruits, and foods. I first learned how to can when I was visiting my X-boyfriend's parents in Knox, Indiana. My first time canning was 146 quarts of beets 106cans of carrots all made different ways. I love canning so much, that I took it to a step up and started canning tuna and other fishes. I now live in the state of Washington, on the West Side, closer to the coast and quite a ways from Selma. I love to fish in the rivers and ocean so we have a lot of fish here in the Pacific Northwest. I'm the only one that cans in my community, so I can relate when you say it's more fun with a partner. Canning makes good Christmas gifts for my family, and the food tastes so much better. Well happy Memorial Day, and don't work too hard canning. LOL!
Carmen Willis

Carmen Willis said...

Sorry Joan,
I meant to say Happy Labor Day! My Bad! :(

Carmen Willis

Sherry said...

We are canning, as I type this. We planted 60 tomato plants and since my husband watered a lot this summer, they grew to be over 5' tall, taller than me, lol. we make tomato juice, spaghetti sauce and salsa and share with our 2 children and now a recently married grandaughter.

Teresa said...

I'm going to get off with this post and can some tomatoes. I haven't had time for a few years and made my mind up I had to get it done this year. Chili tastes so good with my tomato juice. After the deer ate 60 tomatoes right off the bat I better make sure I don't waste any. I have 23 lbs. to can. Don't know what supper will be but I know we will have tomatoes to keep.

Anonymous said...

HI Joan,
This Saturday my husband and I donated 2 hours to the haven of rest in our area.We did about 2big bags of corn and a boat load of green beans.My husband did not know how to do beans but we got him on his way.Our church does this 1 Saturday a month.I feel good inside to help out because I know the Lord wants me to . God Bless

Juanita B. said...

You certainly are a busy woman!

Memaw said...

Morning Joan,

Believe it or not I grew up on a farm and we canned all our veggies.
We even did our on beef, pork, and grew a few peanuts. That was the highlight of my life canning, pickling with my mom and I lost her far to early in life. But those are the greatest memories. Oh and how I do miss the freshness of home grown food in the middle of winter. My sister who lives in La. still has a nice garden and cans lots of veggies and the potatoes are wonderful to. She grows about everything you could think of and when I go to see her she loads me up on canned goods and potatoes (reds). I do envy your ability to still have those things. The stories are fun as well while you work away making winter much better to get through. Enjoy.

Janett said...

There is nothing better than fresh home canned veg's. I have been canning and freezing all summer and I plain to go to the apple house this week and get some apples and peaches. I think canning and gardening are becoming a lost art.

Diane said...

I don't can much anymore, but bought a new canner this year in hopes of using it!! I did put up a bunch of freezer containers for tomatos for chilli this year, so at least did that, my garden was infested with root eating bugs, so hope to have better luck next year!!