Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Selma is coming to town!

One week from tomorrow and Selma arrives.  We both are so excited and would love to share some of our excitement with you.  So, you are invited to come and spend the day with us on Friday, July 13 from 10 to ????
Several of you have already told me you will be here, but if you haven't there is still time.  It is a day of relaxation, laughter and just a good time.  Selma is preparing a surprise for each of you, so I do need to know if you are coming.  You will be able to ask her all kinds of questions and I am sure
she will be showing you some of her "tricks" that she does in making her gorgeous cards.

We leave Sunday for Chicago, where we will meet my niece Cathy at CHA. (Craft and Hobby Show).  I am very nervous about this, because I get in enough trouble (buying) by myself, so I can't imagine what kind of trouble Selma and I can get in together.  Oh how fun!!!

I hope you can make it on the 13th.  Please let me know so that there is enough "surprises" to go around. 
Please bring your favorite dish to share.  I will furnish the drinks, tableware etc.
A fun day for sure!!!


Glenda said...

Sadly, I could not travel to visit with you two and CHA too! How wonderful for you both. That was always a dream of mine to visit CHA! Buy lots of pretties my friends!

Teresa said...

Both sound like so much fun. Bring back lots of ideas and pics if you can.

Darlene said...

I know what Glenda means ... I've always thought CHA would be a FABULOUS time but then again it's good I can't go ... I would definitely spend WAYYYYY too much money!!
I'll be there to see Selma ... WITH BELLS ON!! So excited!!

Diane said...

I am sure we will all have fun....and looking forward to meeting Selma and eating, too...lol...hope it cools down before them!!

Lou said...

If My Health can stand the trip I will be there. I'll call You sure would be willing to make the trip even if it is over 456 miles! surewould love to meet u of course AND SELMA! I bet U can't wait!

Rita said...

Hi Joan, If it was at all possible you know I would be there too. I hope you all have a happy day and I'm sure you will. Lots of Hugs to Selma & Darlene. Sent from Bonnie Scotland. Rita xx

ednamburgess said...

Sounds interesting. Could I get the address of where she'll be so I can do a map quest. Thanks. Edna

sandyh said...

i would love to come, but sadly, i think sacramento is just a bit of a commute! lol! have a great time!

Unknown said...

would like to be there but I think it a little to far
Hope that you have all good time
maybe we can see some picture
ENJOY to all

Peggy in Mentone said...

I sure do wish I lived close enough to join you all for what is bound to be an outstanding day of fun and laughter (AND creativity). I got to go to CHA here in Anaheim and it was amazing so I know you will have a wonderful time seeing all the new stuff and ordering for us all!

Have the bestest time at both events..


Caroline D. said...

Oh, how I wish my town was closer to your town so I could come play!! Know you girls will have so much fun! Can't wait to read about your adventures. Hope y'all have a fun and safe Fourth! Hopefully as the summer progresses I will have more time to play along in the weekly challenges again... I miss them... I've just been too crazy busy.

Nancy said...

Gosh I sure wish I could come :( I would love to see Selma in action and spend the day with you girls! :) Have fun at CHA.

Carmen said...

Wish I could be there and meet all of you. Have a great time visiting Selma, maybe one day I can meet you and Selma when you come visit in our State of Washington.
Happy 4th of July, and God bless our USA!