Sunday, July 22, 2012

More pictures from CHA

One of my very favorite designers in our crafting world is Becca Feeken.  I had the opportunity to meet her last year and this year I had the privilege of having lunch with her.  She is as nice in person as she is on the web.  Selma and I both had our picture taken with her.  If you haven't visited her web site it is, but plan to spend some time there as you will love looking at her creations.

Of course many of you know I can stand for hours watching Tim Holtz's demos at CHA, which I did again this year.  I also admire Wendy Vecchi's work and was thrilled to have my picture taken with them and Mario the last morning of the show.  How fun!!!!

I have lots of new things show you and will be working on that daily all week.  I am "planning" on a Wild Wednesday Sale if I can get it done.  I have to make room for all the new things that will be coming in, so it will be your lucky day.  Nancy is on vacation this week, so hopefully I will have time to work on it.  I think I need a secretary. :)

Selma, Joan and Becca
CHA 2012

Wendy, Tim, Joan and Mario


Darlene said...

Great photos Joan ... so glad you had such a nice time! Yes Becca is a very sweet/kind person ... I had the pleasure of having lunch with her when she was here in Akron in April at the Adventures in Stamping Convention.
Can't wait to see all the new goodies!! Oooooo and a sale ... I'M IN!! LOL!!
Have a fabulous day my friend ...

Gretchen Wilson said...

I'm Jealous, I only have a picture with Tim, but I did take a picture of Mario. Such a fun time.

Lynne said...

How lucky for you to know Becca. I love her webssite and look forward to each and every blog she writes.
Her new designs for Just-Rite are terrific. Welcome home, looking forward to your sale and all the new items you have brought back from CHA.

Karen W said...

I love Becca's new stamps also. They are fabulous!!! I stamped with her at a Flourishes retreat a few years ago and she is AMAZING!!

Glenda said...

A trip to CHA...I'm so jealous! So glad you were able to go and have so much fun!