Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Paper for Flower Making

This cardstock is what Selma and I use now for making flowers.  We both love it and we like it better than the previous paper we were using. 

It shapes beautifully with the Susan's garden flower tool kit. The white and beige color so pretty with pan pastels to get perfect coloring.  
   It is Bazzill 8.5x11 Prismatic Cardstock available in the following colors.    80#weight with a slightly textured and matte finish. Acid and lignin free.

10 Sheets for $3.50

White Prismatic
10 Sheets for $3.50

Butter Cream
10 Sheets for $3.50

Frosted Amethyst
10 Sheets for $3.50

Blush Red
10 Sheets for $3.50

Herbal Garden
 No longer available from manufacturer

Frosted Yellow
10 Sheets for $3.50

1 comment:

Edna Siu said...

Joan, Selma, thanks so much for the quick response, I appreciate it very much, but I saw the paper was "split in 2 layers" it is very nice to have the flowers appear to look "real"
it seems like "silk flowers" they look gorgeous.