Sunday, April 29, 2012

Video #2 by Joan

Thanks to my nephew and niece, Brad and Cathy Willett for helping me with this video.  I could never had done it without them!
Thank you so much for watching our 2nd Video entitled Elizabeth Craft Products.  There are two more videos that will be coming to show you how to use the products.  Please remember this is a learning time for me.  We love reading your comments and suggestions.  (be kind please)

I have a few of the items in stock, but will be taking preorders for any items that you would like to have.  You can see the entire product line at Elizabeth Crafts website.  Remember, I only charge what it costs me to ship to you and we do not charge you until we ship your order.
You can email by clicking here or call 574 656 3663 to place your order.

You can see everything at Elizabeth Crafts by clicking here!
You can see the Peel Off Stickers that are available from Joan's Gardens by clicking here!
The Micro Fine Glitter can be seen by clicking here!
Tools can be seen by clicking here!
Creative Tape can be seen by clicking here!


Selma said...

Wow Joan this is a fabulous video. It is so nice to be able to see you and all the products. We are looking forward to seeing how to create with Elizabeth Crafts in your next videos.

Cathy Willett said...

Great Video! Whoever was running that camera must have been an expert... ha ha. (I also have some bloopers from our many times of practice if anyone would like to see them - we had so much fun doing this!) LOL Cathy

Mrs. Swandog said...

Awesome video Joan! Love the two you have done so far. Will be looking forward to the next one!

Vicki Dutcher said...

How fun to see a face to the voice! AND check out that storage system behind you -- just to die for! You are getting better and better at these videos - you will be a pro in no time! :)

Darlene said...

FANTASTIC video Joan ... you did a fabulous job! Thanks to Cathy & Brad for helping with the video so we can see your smiling face! I'm looking forward to the next video where you show us how to use the products ... always nice to refer back to a well done video when memory fails ... LOL!! Great job!

Unknown said...

great video
now we can see you so nice to see the person
can not wait to see what next
want to see these new products
how to use them
thank again
have a very nice day

Glenda said...

Joan, I'm so glad to see your smiling face as you do these videos! Both of these have been great and you speak so well! Please keep doing these, as I find I'm a visual learner! Love your storage cabinet behind you. Wow!!

Gail said...

Hi Joan - you are doing a terrific job on your videos! Very clear and understandable. I would love to see the "BLOOPERS" - everyone needs a laugh now and then - and hey, we are all human - none of us have reached perfection!! Laughter is a good medicine you know ~ I would like to see videos with you demonstating various die cuts ~ [Poppy stamp, Marianne dies especially] Enjoy your week!

ecclesp said...

Hey Joan, love the videos and like seeing you! I am wondering if those peel off stickers would work with Flower Soft. I just bought lots of that stuff to play with and this looks like some of the sticker designs might look nice with that product also. What do you and Selma think?
Patsy in Tallahassee, Florida

Pssequimages said...

How pretty your examples are. I love how this glittering works. Thanks Joan for the neat video.