Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Pouches for my Great Grand children!

 I just can't let Valentine's Day go by with out making something for all of my Great-Grandchildren.  I absolutely loved Selma's idea of the candy pouches, so that is what I did this year.  I know they won't  pay much attention to the "wrapping" since there is a candy bar inside, so I kept them pretty simple. 
The thick one on the top left is for the baby and it is a rattle.  I didn't think his Momma would let him chew on a Hersey Bar.

 I love the Cheery Lynn Lace Border (B153) and decided to use it on both ends of the white card stock.  I use both the heart and the inside of the heart of the Celtic Heart (B144).  I have decided that this is one of my very favorite heart dies.  Isn't it gorgeous!

  Weather permitting, we are driving to Michigan tomorrow night to deliver their gifts.  I have  3 cards in the works for my two Granddaughters and daughter too.  Hopefully, I will post those tomorrow.

This is for all the girls.

This is for all the boys. 
It won't be long until they won't like
my "frilly" things, but right now
they love them.



Donna said...

These are lovely Joan! I know your grandkids will appreciate them. I made these for my kids too. They were lots of fun to make.

Nan G said...

They're beautiful, Joan!

Darlene said...

WOWZA ... this are AWESOME Joan! They are going to be thrilled!! I'm going to my sister's shop for a hair cut and pedicure tomorrow so I made a couple to take along to them also. Just a little added treat! Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea with us just in time for V-Day!

Sharon said...

They are so pretty, I know all of your greats will love them and the candy bar I'm glad that Selma shared this pouch with all of us. Thanks Selma and thanks Joan for your wonderful site and for sharing your pouches with us.

paperpapier said...

absolutely cute and lovely ...!!

Mrs. Swandog said...

Oh WoW Joan...these are darling!

Julie S. said...

Love the frilly red die-cut (or punch?) on the pink one -- wow -- just lovely!

Dianna said...

Hi Joan,

I have made these in the past, in fact I made them with Selma. My grandkids loved them, and so has everyone else that I have given them too.

Cute idea about the rattle for the baby. I should have thought of that for my "Great Grandson" who just turned 1.

Thanks for sharing, and have a SWEET Valentines day tomorrow.


Glenda said...

These are quite lovely and trust me, tuck a little moeny down in those little pouches along with the candy and they won't care how frilly they are!