Friday, January 20, 2012

Clear Boxes - Great for Mailing

Selma and I did an experiment last week and we wanted to tell you about it.  The question we are asked over and over is "how do you mail your cards with all the embellishments on them."

Selma mailed me a card in one of our new Clear Boxes, without an envelope and it came to me just perfect.  Not smashed or anything.  Below are the pictures so you can see it. The postage was $1.71 from Washington to Indiana and it arrived in perfect condition.  You can read about the boxes by clicking here!

Selma put a piece of paper behind the card on the inside (for easier viewing of the labels) and then was able to attach the mailing label to the outside of the box.  The postmaster also attached the postage on the outside. 


Rebecca Ednie said...

Definitely put the postage on the outside. Here in Canada, you can't even put tape over postage because then it interferes with their ability to confirm its authentic. Did you know you can mail flat (or not flatish, not easily squished) cards in clear envelopes!? Also a classy and unique way to mail a card.

BOBBI said...

Think this is really neat. Can't wait to try mine..
thanks and hugs