Thursday, June 23, 2011

Selma's New Card

Forest Branch
by Marianne
LR 0150
$14.50 plus shipping
Selma loves finding different ways of using her stamping products and this card certainly shows her talent in doing so. Isn't it gorgeous!!!  You can read all about how she did here.  She has also written a great tutorial giving you pictures and details.  Great job Selma!

Saturday and Sunday is our next workshop, so I have been working hard getting ready for it.  I have a couple extra seats open as 3 can't attend because of health reasons.  So, if you can arrange to come give me a call at 574 656 3663.

 Good news (I think).  My new video camera finally arrived today. (It has been on order since the first of May).  My goal is to do some classes for you showing some of the techniques we use making flowers etc.  Of course the book is over 1 inch thick, so it might be a while before I learn how to use the camera. (smile)

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate your visits more than you can know.  I also love your comments!


phyllis e said...

OH a beautiful new inspiration card..I love it! The flower is beautiful as is the color. I must go to your video! THANKS for posting flower making videos.

Karen W said...

I loved this card so much I cased it. I can see this card being used with a saying in the center also for many, many things. Great idea Selma and thank you for the idea.