Monday, May 30, 2011

We thank you!

Jon and I  want to take time today to remember and thank all of our military men, women and families for everything they have done for our country.  We are truly a blessed nation.

I just came from the cemetery after placing  flowers on my Mom and Dad's grave sites and also on my first husband Duane's who died at such an early age of 47.  My Mom and Dad's families always gathered on Memorial Day to honor their families that had died, almost like a family reunion. I never caught that fever, but I do like to place flowers on their graves each year.  I am sure many of you feel the same way.

I am planting flowers and enjoying our beautiful day.  I hope you are able to do the same!


Patti J said...

Thanks for your thoughts today, Joan. We just came from the cemetery as well. Had our batch of flags to put out. As parents of a twice deployed military man, it's a sobering experience. Hope you are having a nice day in your yard! We are getting ready to throw a pork steak on the grill and have a quiet afternoon....take care!

Evette K. said...

God Bless our Troops serving all over the world. We are indeed a Blessed Nation to have these wonderful men and women preserving our freedoms. Thanks you to them all. Joan, glad u were able to honor your relatives. Also glad to hear you're finally having good weather, us too in Upstate NY. We had a family/friends camping weekend and everyone just left today. Always a sad time for me, the Mom/MiMa but I always have terrific memories to keep close to my heart. Looking forward to making some cards tomorrow. Our stamp/scrapbooking group meets. TY for having such a great blog and for having such a wonderful designer, Selma...bless u both.

Dianna said...

Yes, God Bless our troops and their families for what they do for us so that we have freedom.

I traveled to Siletz Oregon, to the reservation where my husband and his family members are buried. It is a tribal cemetery, which is very different from the cemeteries that we are use to. You can plant anything you want, your can bring in a bench or any statues, you just have to maintain it all. The tribe mows the grass and we do the rest. The grave tops are all mounted with soil and then you can plant on top of them. They always have a special ceremony on Memorial Day and pay special honor to the veterans. Prior to traveling to Siletz, my sister and I went to our local cemetery to place flowers on our parents graves. It's a day for remembering and honoring those who have gone before us.