Saturday, March 5, 2011

Workshop Invitation Sunday March 20, 2011

I am hosting another workshop on Saturday, March 19 in northern Indiana. (just 20 minutes south of South Bend)   The sad news is the class is full.  I didn't know about it and that is because those who have attended the last workshop get first chance to come back to the next workshop.  Everyone has so much fun that the next workshop is always filled even before I announce it.
But the good news is....I am going to do a Mini work shop on Sunday, March 20 from 1:00 PM to 6 PM.
We won't be able do all the projects done on Saturday (we start at 9 AM), but it will be a fun afternoon and I know you will love the projects that Selma and I have designed. 

If you would like to attend the workshop on Sunday, please email or call 574 656 3663 right away so that I can save you a spot.  There is no charge and I supply all the items needed for the projects you will be making.  I will send you a list of things you will need to bring, such as your own adhesive etc.  You will learn different techniques and I know you will love what you make. (Minimum 8 and Maximum 22)

Don't think you are too far away.. I have had attendance from Wisconsin, Washington, Arizona, Ohio, Michigan! (smile)


marsha said...

Joan, you are such a tease! I would love to come to your workshop, but I'm afraid it's just a little bit too far, LOL! I am sure it is fabulous, only wish I lived closer.

Patti J said...

Ditto what Marsha said! Have fun!!!

Glenda said...

A little far for me should start doing videos of your workshops then we could watch! Living in the booneys does have it's drawbacks!

Donna said...

Wish I could take some time off of work. I'd love to attend. Bu unfortunately that's more of a drive than I want to make all in one day. One of these days though I'm going to make the trip! ;)

Barbara Colbert said...

Oh what fun that sounds like!! Too far for me to drive from Wisconsin...BUT maybe some day...sounds like a WONDERFUL day!!!! AND FUN too!!

CraftinGranny said...

I'd love to come but no one to stay with hubby. Would be glad to by a video or DVD of the techniques. Been suggesting to
Selma to do one on how she makes those gorgeous flowers. Got the kit and I'm still
"Hugs" Carol

Debby said...

Wow! What fun...don't drive...have a wonderful time with your fans!!!

Debby W

velta said...

Joan How I would LOVE to come to one of your workshops...unfortunately...I live in Alabama...and I work full time and I have so many family obligations that there would be no way...that does not mean I cannot make it in the future, I just wanted you to know how much I would love to be there...Tell Selma that I love her work!!! Hope you all have a wonderful time (although it would be better if I were there :)

Dianna said...


Well, I will be thinking of all the "Lucky Ladies" who get to attend your workshop, because I just know how much fun it is going to be, and all the wonderful new techniques they will be learning.

Have a wonderful "Creative" day all of you. Hi from Vancouver WA USA.


Payne Holler Cards said...

eeeks so much fun! but alas, Virginia is too far...sad face!
but this is going to be so much fun for the lucky ones that get to attend!!..happy face (-:

Diane said...

Yeah we (my sister and I)...get to go to the mini...we are soooo excited and look so forward to meeting everyone!!

Debby said...

Joan I especially like your card, your flower is gorgeous!


A Consuming Passion said...

Haha what about Australia????? One day!