Monday, January 24, 2011

Martha Stewart Punches

 Please e-mail or call at 574-784-9050  me if you would like to any of the following punches.
You do not pay until I ship them to you.  Remember, I only charge what it cost me to ship to you.

Bangle Chain Deep Edger Punch
42 70028
 $18.79 plus shipping

Blossom Eyelet Deep Edger Punch
42 70032

 $18.79 plus shipping

Bubble Bath Punch Around the Page
42 60052
 $26.49 plus shipping

Cherry Blossom Deep Edger
42 70031
 $18.79 plus shipping

Cherry Blossom Punch Around the Page
42 60054
 $26.49  plus shipping

Diamond Fence Deep Edger
42 70029
 $18.79  plus shipping

French Scroll
42 60050
$26.49  plus shipping

Ribbon Loop Punch Around the Page 2 punches
42 60053
 $26.49  plus shipping

Scroll Hearts Edger
42 70034 
 $18.79  plus shipping

Swirling Lace Punch Around the Page
42 60051
 $26.49  plus shipping


Anonymous said...

Ooh! There sure are a lot of good ones. Is there any sort of info about measurements for size of paper for the around the corner punches? I rarely come out right.

Joan Fricker said...

Yes, there are instructions on sizes in with the punches.

Anneke klerks said...

hoi Joan,
i want to ask you how much the shipping is for 1 around the corner punches.
and 2?
i live in the Netherlands

greetings Anneke