Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Ink Storage Rak

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you!  I wish you the best of years in 2011.  Thank you again so very much for visiting with me each time I post.  You have truly touched my heart with all your kind words and especially your prayers!

My ink pad storage has always been an irritation for me.  I have tried 3 different things and didn't like any of them.  Then I found this new storage system and I sent my wonderful hubby an email at work and told him I would like it for Christmas.  I absolutely love it.  This one is made for Tim Holtz Distressed Inks, but other ink systems are also available.  Let me know what you think!

Each side hold 24 Distressed Ink Pads, 24 Reinkers and a slot to put in the Blender Tool Pads.  How wonderful is that?  As you can see I have to order lots of Reinkers.

I don't have this side filled yet, but this gives me a chance to grow my supplies.  Right???
This is one side end.  As you can see I have added my Memento and other Ink Pads.
And, this is the other end that holds my Versa Fine, etc Ink Pads.
The construction quality is excellent too!

What do you use for  your Ink Pad Storage?

 If you have not used Tim Holtz Distressed Inks you are missing something.  The water based Inks are great to blend and easy to work with. 

Distress Inks are a collection of acid-free, non-toxic, fade resistant, water-based dye inks. They're perfect for the popular vintage, stained, aged effect look used in altered books, scrapbook pages, cards, and home decor projects. Higher raised felt pad.

I am placing an order in the next day or so and will be happy to order any of the colors you need.  I do have a few in the shop, but will be increasing that inventory.

Please e-mail me if you need any colors.  I sell the Ink Pads for $4.75 and the Reinkers for $3.75 plus shipping.

I have decided not to carry this item.  You can contact Sue Nagel at Wooden Dreams By Sue.
Please tell her I sent you.


Sharon said...

Oh I love your ink storage rack. I keep mine in a plastic bin and on my work table and even a few in the floor. :( Thanks for sharing what yours looks like.

Cin said...

Awsome system..........I'm jealous.

Elaine M said...

WAIT WAIT WAIT - you didn't share where you got this storage unit!! I have tried soooooo many different storage methods and haven't been happy with any of them. This unit looks promising - BUT - where did you find it!!!

Cheryl said...

This looks great Joan, what a wonderful Hubby you have to get you that for Christmas.

craftieodmae said...

Lucky lucky, this is fantastic!!!!!

Donna said...

Oh, this looks like a wonderful system, Joan. Really like all the space. I'd love to have something like that!

Anonymous said...

Hey Joan, why not color your labels with the ink? Then when you look at the side of the ink pad, you see what color it is! Jane

Linda W. said...

Oh Joan, I have almost the same system. I went a bit cheaper and bought the 60 slot with the reinkers on the left side of each slot and the pen slots on the other side of each slot, giving me 60 reinkers and 60 pens and then the standing area on top for others. I love mine to death - I will never stray from it - makes creativity so much more pleasant! Glad to see another one!

Anonymous said...

I have a similar one I recently purchased from Storage Units,Ink I believe they're called. I had a previous one bought on ebay that I absolutely loved for years but with SU! changing so many colors I needed another one. You will love this unit! It is such efficient use of storage space. The one from Storage Units Ink is the best of my two. Just fyi: you can stain these units. I stained mine to match my oak cabinets. Enjoy!!

Cindy C

Dianna said...

I have a custom built nice wooden stamp pad shelf that holds 56 of the larger style Stampin Up Pads. It also has thre spots where I can insert three dowels that came with it that will hold the smaller of the Stampin Up Wheels.

I like it, bit because it is very large it sits on the back of my work table, and I have often wondered if at all pushed it would probably tip over.

Yours looks as if it turns like a Lazy Susan which is great. I might consider a change if you choose to carry these.

The manufacturer who made mine, had several types, and I bet he could design something like the one you have too. I just need to remember who he was????? Old age I'm getting pretty bad.

Thanks for sharing your new toy. By chance do you have a price in mind, what you would sell it for?


Selma said...

I don't have that many Distress Ink pads yet, but I certainly want to add to my collection. I'm really anxious to start getting the reinkers and this looks like the perfect storage system to keep them all together.