Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pictures of our beautiful first snowfall!

It was snowing last night when we went to bed and when we woke up this morning everything was sooo gorgeous that I just had to share it with you.  God certainly paints a beautiful picture.  Truly breath taking as the sun came up over the woods and everything just glistened!!!!

This is looking out my large window in my craft/shipping/kitchen room.  What a gorgeous view.
Notice the sunflower that is drooping over looking at the ground!  The birds love feeding on it and I didn't have the heart to cut it down.

The front of our house from the road.

Standing  in the road looking out over the field in front of us.  Isn't it a beautiful sight?

Another view of our house from the road.

The view of the pond.  The lines over the pond is fish line with snow on it to keep the heron from eating our fish.  It has worked very well too!

Looking out from our driveway towards the East Woods. Awesome!!!


Jane Wetzel said...

great pics Joan! I was just out with my dogs enjoying! :)

Darlene Gabriel said...

Joan, thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures with us. Enjoy.

Selma said...

How beautiful Joan. Love to watch the snow falling but hope it holds off a little while longer. They predict it here next week. Surprised you had it first. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

Glenda said...

Well, Northern Indiana looks just gorgeous! Nothing like a fresh blanket of snow to make everything hushed and beautiful! We had snow in the Mountains of East Tennessee...6-7 inches worth. Here in the valley it is just cold and dreary. Thanks for sharing!

Linda W. said...

Well I'm truly glad it missed us (southwest WI)........but it sure looks beautiful over you Joan! Don't you just love days like this when you can watch that natural sparkle! Thanks for sharing, and do enjoy!

Heidi Blankenship said...

Joan, the photos are beautiful!! I always love the first snow. The photos of the sunrise are absolutely Gorgeous!! What a wonderful way to wake up with such a beautiful gift! We have only had a few flakes blowing around a couple of weeks ago--nothing sticking to the ground yet. But I know it's coming--LOL! Stay warm and I hope you have a Fantastic weekend! Thanks for sharing!

Jerri Jimenez said...

Oh, how beautiful Joan, you are so blessed with the beauty of the snow. Every single picture is breathtakingly beautiful! Wish I could be there. How fun to build the first snowman of the season. You have so much beauty and inspiration right out your windows! Oh, how I wish it would snow in Florida . . . sigh . . . .!!

Cherie said...

Wow! Your pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us! That is truly one of the things I don't miss about leaving Michigan 30 yrs ago! I really do miss the beautiful colors in the fall!

marsha said...

Snow already? This is beautiful but I'm still enjoying the fall!

Deli said...

How beautiful where are now. We had snow last week on Wednesday, and then the most remarkable thing happend. The sun came out and it has been warm ever since. But the colors are beautiful and we will just wait for more changes.

Carol L said...

It seems early for snow, but you can't stop mother nature! TFS the pretty pictures!! Stay warm!!

Clare Curcio said...

It's beautiful, Joan! Makes me wish I were there!

Anonymous said...

Joan, your pics are absolutely
beautiful. My husband came in from
working out in the yard yesterday
and told me some snowflakes were
falling. I hid in the basement
until they stopped falling! LOL
Temps here are supposed to get into
the low 60s most of next week, so I
guess we won't be seeing any more
of the "white stuff" for a while.
I'm glad you are enjoying it now.
Talk to me mid-January!!!
Sherry in MI

Kerrie said...

Just beautiful Joan, you are so lucky to get all season!... I would love to see and feel snow one day!...

craftieodmae said...

It is pretty to lool at and all, I just don't care for snow unless I can stay home and look at it through the window LOL

Nancy Jensen said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing.