Saturday, May 30, 2009

Update on Melanie

Everyday we are seeing improvement with Melanie. The Rehab facility has been fantastic.
I am copying a message sent to me from her sister, Jen. Thank you again for all your prayers.
She truly is a miracle from God!

DOCTORS: Again the doctor is pleased that Mel's right side is responding to therapy so well.

SPEECH THERAPY: You guessed it. Mel beat her ST goals today. We also had the therapist copy some handouts to keep working over the weekend.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY: Yep. Mel worked on her neck, shoulders and right arm with stretches and strengthening exercises. She added a few more moves to her Self Range of Motion Exercises for the Arm and Neck.

PHYSICAL THERAPY: Holy cow! Once they cut the cast off, Mel was speed walking around the unit [400 foot track]. She didn't stop there either. She had another go at the treadmill. This time she was unassisted and did three rounds of walking [25 minutes of walking]. But she was tasked with stretching her left foot as now she is cast free until her brace arrives on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.


CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Joan, this is wonderful news! Praise God for His mercy and healing. What an amazing journey Melanie and her family have been on. We continue to pray for you all. Hugs, Cheryl

evette k. said...

How wonderful is our Lord Joan!! I too will continue to pray for Melanie and her family. Our community of stampers is truly amazing. ekc

Pamela said...

So glad to read the good news. As I read about her progress, I can't help but think about my son who suffered from viral ensephalitis that led to epilepsy. He was in in the hospital, the rehabilitation hospital, the did out patient therapy. One of the comments that we heard and still hear over and over is what a difference having family and friends around the person going through rehab makes. Those that are helping our loved ones see so many families that do not have that support. We were able to share how God has helped us through each leg of this journey and continues to help because we are a long way from where we were and a long way from where we want to be. God has been there each step along with friends and family. I pray for Melanie even though I don't know her. So many others did (and still do) for my son. It is a ministry that anybody can do and it can make such a big difference.

We keep telling our son that God is using his story and is going to keep using it. I know that he will do the same for Melanie.

Have a blessed day.

pscole3467 at gmail dot com

PatsyB said...

God promised to hear our prayers and this is our proof! He will never let us down! I am so very happy for Mel's whole family! To be the recipient of such a miracle from God should remind Mel how very special she is!

Velta said...

Wonderful news Joan...TFS

Teresa said...

Such wonderful news!!!

Keep going Melanie- we are all pulling for you!

Erica said...

Such God blessed news. The Provider and true Miracle Worker has does it again. Prayer works.

Gabriela said...

Man oh man this is great news. I'm so pleased to know that Melanie is on her way. On her way outta rehab, on her way back to health, on her way back to her children's waiting arms. I look forward to the day you will announce that Melanie has returned home and has been reunited with her loving family.

Darlene said...

Oh my goodness ... she is amazing!! I'm so glad to hear the good report! She's certainly a trooper!! Thanks for the update Joan! God Love Ya!!!