Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update on Melanie

Whew...what a day!
Tom says it feels like we "just won the Superbowl". Melanie has been accepted and is going to the Rehab Institute of Chicago [RIC]. It could be as early as 10am tomorrow that she hops on the transport to Chicago. The goal is to try and get three hours of Rehab with the new therapists in Chicago.

If anyone has spare beds or cots in and near Chicago for family visitors please let me know.
This is going to be a long haul for Melanie, but getting her in to one of the top 3 ranked rehab facilities in the USA is an answered prayer. We live about 2 hours from Chicago, so it won't
be convenient for visits, but we will make it work. Right now they are setting up a visitation schedule so that she has lots of friends and family coming to see her.

Did you all read my update on last nights post about baby Griffin visiting Mommy?
Well I just received more great news tonight! I am copying and pasting this from an e-mail
from Andy (Mel's Mom). Wow our God is an Awesome God!! (I love that song too)

Yes, Andy cried. Getting to see Owen and Lily finally getting to see Mommy after weeks of wondering why Mommy wasn't coming home did make Grandma Andy cry.......tears of joy! Melanie has a very hard road ahead of her, but she has great incentive.....and all that incentive was gathered around her tonight in her hospital room...Tom, Owen, Lily and Griffen. Melanie will leave in the morning to go to RIC in Chicago for intensive rehab........and she is ready to bring her A game. She is my hero.......and I told her that.


CherylQuilts said...

Praise God!! I am so excited to hear this, and I will continue to pray. Thanks, Joan! What a merciful, gracious, and loving God!

Tammy Hershberger said...

Absolutely awesome, Joan! Praise God!

Marge Sexton said...

Praise the Lord!!!!!
This is great news, I love to see the power of prayer at work; and we will always give Him the glory!
Wish I lived near Chicago, my doors would be wide open!

Lisa Roskam said...

This is wonderful news Joan!!! Prayers are continuing for her speedy recovery!!

twinkletoe said...

Bless them all - thats fantastic news.

Darlene said...

Through tears of joy I also proclaim "Praise God!" What wonderful news ... I will continue my prayers for her speedy recovery. Wow, what a trooper she is to even come as far as she has come already ... hang in there Mel ... we're all praying for you!!!
Thanks Joan for your time to keep us all updated! God Bless you too!!

Anonymous said...

That is such wonderful news! I pray for Melanie's swift and complete recovery.


PatsyB said...

Where would we be without our Lord?? I can't image life without Him in it! Praises to God for what He has done in Melanie's life.
We are all cheering and praying for you Melanie!! You can do it girl!

Gabriela said...

Joan, your post (and Andy's) brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for the steady updates and congratulations on being able to send Melanie to the Chicago rehab. Her progress is now going to come by leaps and bounds.

Anonymous said...

Always Praise the Lord! Thanks so much Joan for the update...BTW I mailed the package for Peggy this morning and the cost was $9.05. If you need for me to send the receipt to you I have it :)

velta said...

Always Praise the Lord! Thanks so much Joan for the update...BTW I mailed the package for Peggy this morning and the cost was $9.05. If you need for me to send the receipt to you I have it :)

Sandee said...

What encouraging news today! Praise the Lord for this awesome progress.

Please let us know the new address to send cards to.

Thanks you so much!

Sandee Q

tuckaway hearts said...

Joan, I am transported back 6 years everytime I read about Melanie's progress! It is a miracle and she will get better! We spent 5 intensive months in one of Canada's best Brain Injury Rehab Facilities with my sister and there she learned to talk, walk and think again. She just turned the big 50 and lives a happy, content life. Melanie and Debbie (my sister) are survivors and God has given us, and them, a second chance. Prayers for Mel and her family.