Thursday, April 16, 2009

My New Stamp Storage

I am dancing the happy dance tonight! I have been trying to find something to store my stamps in for several months and I finally found it! I have looked at several online office supply and container places, visited Staples and looked everywhere I went. Well, this week I found it at Lowe's. I would never have thought to look there, so it took me completely by surprise. And, the good news is it was less than $45.00.

It has 3 drawers and will fit under my 6 foot tables where I stamp. I can put 30 of my Clear Boxes cross ways and then behind those I will be able to keep my seasonal stamps. I still don't have all my stamps labeled yet and I don't want to put them in the drawers until I finish that
project. Now I am motivated to get them labeled.

I decided today that I am purchasing another one for my other table to store all my Nesties.
I am getting quite a collection of them, and they are taking up way to much room on my table.
So, the next time I get to town I will get another one.

This is exciting to me as I love being organized and I have felt totally unorganized lately because my stamps were not in any order. Now they are and that makes me happy!!!


Beverley said...

Joan...totally awesome...I like the wooden top also...I too am always looking for better ways to organize all my stuff.

stampin' HUGZ

Jerri Kay said...

Fabulous storage Joan, I'm off to JoAnn's today to see if I can find some sort of storage system myself.

Elaine A said...

What a great idea Joan. I'm in the middle of organizing my studio (my son's room). I have so much stuff and each time I go in to organize, I just look at it, get overwhelmed and close the door. Want to come and organize for me - LOL!

Elaine Allen

Sandee said...

I have a zippered CD case that I store my Nesties in. I cut the top off where the nestie is taped and put magnetic tape in place of the tape (plus more magnetic tape so they hold securely) and then just put them in the pockets of the cd case.

It is easy to grab if I go to a crop and out of the way if I stay at home. HTH.

Lulu said...

I too had an unexpected find yesterday! I went to Staples to purchase some CD cases to hold my new stash of acrylic stamps. I also wanted one of those little milk crate cubes to store them in - While waiting for the sales person to search for the crates, I detoured back to the storage section and lo and behold on clearance for $2.50 and $3.50 I got and 8.5 x 11 two and three drawer plastic storage drawers units. The are absolutely awesome and the price was Just RIght! Isn't it nice to find just the right thing to work at just the right price? Congrats on your find!

Darlene said...

Fantastic find for you stammps Joan!! Don't you just love it when you can finally get everything organized ... makes stamping so much easier!! Have a great weekend!!

Savor the Journey said...

This looks like an excellent idea, Joan! Love the top of the drawer system too. I also stamp at a 6 ft. table (Cosco?). Perhaps I'll take some inspiration from your cool idea during my upcoming round of studio re-org. ;)


Teresa said...

Great! I'll be checking Lowe's soon for storage ideas- thanks for the hint!