Thursday, March 19, 2009


My Dad and Mom owned a grocery store and our home was attached to it. I am very fortunate to have pictures of the building in the early 1900's. The front porch is still there and all the time I was growing up, it was the town hangout. It looks like it was back in the 1900's too. When it was first built, it was a saloon and from what I am told, a pretty rough place.
My Mom and Dad bought it in 1945 and Dad operated the grocery store until he retired in the early 80's. When I was a child, it was a booming place, because of the grain elevator and the milk plant. But, once farming changed and the elevator burned down the milk plant closed. We soon saw a decrease in activity in our little town and today the only business left is Mom's little Quilt shop.
We all knew everyone in town, but that certainly is not true anymore. People come and go and things just are not like they used to be. I have such fond memories of growing up in Teegarden.
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What memories do you have of your child hood home?


Elaine A said...

Hi Joan -

What wonderful memories! When I was little my grandparents owned a small Mom & Pop store in Los Angeles. They also lived in the apartment behind that was housed in the same building as the store. I spent many, many wonderful days with them from the time I was a toddler until we moved to NY when I was 14. I have fond memories of neighbors stopping by to chat with my grandparents or buy me a little treat. I used to love to listen to the Myna bird my grandparents owned. He was so funny, everytime a pretty girl walked by, Cupid would whistle, the girl would look at my grandfather and he'd point to the bird, it was such a riot. As the oldest of 6 siblings, it was so nice to spend time with my grandparents because I always felt that they spoiled me a little. It made me feel special and not just the oldest who had to help with everything. Thanks for helping me recall such great memories.

Elaine Allen

Michele Kovack said...

What treasures these photos are! Love the LO you've created here! I live right outside of Chicago, but fortunately the suburb I live in is a bit like Mayberry....everyone knows everyone!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful scrapbook page Joan. Wonderful memories as well! I grew up in Clearwater, a booming city on the beach! There's something to be said about living in rural areas. This reminds me of the little town of Winn, Michigan that I used to visit as s child. My great-grandmother lived there her entire life, a very small community where everyone knew everyone. It was very similar to the town you grew up in. I love the memories, it's always heartwarming to go back and revisit the town, clearing out the cobwebs of my mind. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your photo. What great memories to have. Most of my family lived in Scotland so I did not see them, however I grew up in a small town in NJ which I loved and so did all of the others who grew up there. I meet montly with 15 of my high school classmates (we are all 73) and we have a wonderful time reminiscing. Thanks for sharing you great memories....Jean

Curt in Indy said...

I love old photos like that. What fabulous history you have to share. Thanks for that! Best, Curt