Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Order information needed

Please e-mail your order to

Sometimes you may wonder what information is needed to place your order, so I thought I might make it easier if I placed a form on my blog which you can always find at the top of the category list.

When you place you order I need to have all of the above information. Your complete address is needed so that I can calculate your postage. I need to know the products you would like to purchase, so I can package those items and give you a total. Once approved and your order is ready to ship, I will either charge your credit card or send you a PayPal invoice. Nothing is charged until I am ready to ship.

Shipping: Once I have the above information, I will determine the best shipping rates for you. If I can and it saves you money to ship first class, I do so. I will ship Priority if it is less expensive. I do not up charge your shipping at all other than the exact cost of a mailing envelope for Frst Class.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.
Thanks for stopping by to visit with me. All comments are so appreciated!


Darlene said...

This is a great idea Joan ... and probably a time saver too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joan, I'm sure this will help others, as well as yourself, to get orders filled and send out in a timely fashion.