Friday, December 19, 2008

My Victorian Tree

This tree is in our formal living room which my Granddaughters call the "Pretty Room".
It is my favorite tree. I have had many of the decorations for well over 25 years. Jon does help me put the tree up and hang the lights on it. I cut a part a grapevine wreath and I use the half circles to stick in the tree. I wish you could see how much texture it adds, but the pictures do not do it justice at all. I have Angels, Santa's, hearts, flowers, eucalyptus, ribbon and much more attached to the tree.
The room is not very large, but my granddaughter Kara insists that we continue to have the adults Christmas in the room. The room is very crowded by the time we get all the presents and 10 adults in there. Our tradition is to open one gift at a time so we can see what everyone is getting. What a special night it is for us all!

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