Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Joan's Gardens Card Making Classes

This is my little shop where I sell Scrapbooking and Card making Supplies. It is not a Scrapbook store where I have everything, but what I carry are the tools that I love to use. Unique and fun things and things that help with your projects.

I am in the process of scheduling card making classes using some of these tools. The card making classes are $12.00 and includes a kit to make a Halloween Card, a Birthday Card and a Christmas Card. No experience needed, but advanced registration and payment is required. If you have a cutter and adhesive and any other supplies you love, please feel free to bring them.
If I have enough interest I will also teach some Cricut classes.

I am located:
  • about 20 minutes south of South Bend, Indiana
  • about 11 miles north of Plymouth
  • 3 miles off of 31 between Lakeville and Lapaz
  • 8 miles south east of North Liberty
  • 7 miles north east of Walkerton

Please e-mail me if you would like to find out more about the classes or if you would like to visit my shop.


Kay said...

Your shop is so you have photos from inside? I'd love to see how you have everything displayed.

Anonymous said...

Oh my ... Joan's Gardens looks so inviting! What a place for inspiration and creativity!
Sigh ... I think I'm a bit too far South.

Janine said...

Joan I wish I was close by and could come and take some of your classes... Maybe the next time I am in your neck of the woods. We travel in the States alot so maybe one day!!

Julie Koerber said...

I so wished I lived closer! I would love to visit your darling spot! It just looks so inviting!!! Well, maybe sometime when I am passing through your state on my way to Michigan! Wouldn't that be fun!! :-)

Nancy said...

Your shop looks so comfy and inviting! Would love to visit for a class, but I'm waaaaaay down south from you. :)

Anonymous said...

Boy do I wish I was closer - anything you can do online?