Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Has anyone seen green beans like these? I have never found anyone that raises these beans except our family. We call them Fall Beans because they are the last beans of the year. The bean is about the size (not the taste) of a garbanzo bean, but we also eat the green part of the bean. This bean is one of our favorites.

This bean has quite a history in our family. The seed has been handed down for several generations. The rumor has it that the slaves gave the seed to my Great-Great-Great Grandparents. Could even be more Greats in there, but I haven't done the genealogy research to know for sure. This bean is very hard to grow. If the weather is the least bit damp, they get a black spot on them. Last year we barely were able to harvest any and what we harvested was very hard to work. This year with the dryer weather, we seem to be having a much better crop. Some years all we get from the harvest is just the bean seed. We are very careful as we never want it to run out.

I have another pressure canner to go on today, with another 1/2 bushel to snap. Mom helps me snap and I do the canning.

We also froze more corn yesterday, so the corn crop is done and we have plenty for the winter months.


Kay said...

Joan, the photo of the beans didn't download for me!

The Country Rose said...

Hi Joan! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today :). What an interesting story about the beans that your family grows. I think it's so awesome that you are preserving, not only your family's history, but this species of bean through your efforts. Have really enjoyed looking around today and especially LOVE the card you did with the copper. That butterfly is amazing!

The Country Rose said...

So sorry to post twice :). It sounds like you live on a farm. We do too! I LOVE living on the farm!