Tuesday, August 26, 2008


When I was in Michigan, Sharon (read her review)
told me how much she loved the Scor-it and that it has a
different result than the Scor-Pal (which I love).
Well, she is exactly right! I love my new Scor-It
too! The
card shown below has all 4 sides scored and
the raised effect sets off the design inside of it.
Perfect for scrapbookers, rubber stampers, card makers
and hobbyists. Features a 12” centering ruler and a 12”
scoring rule to handle envelopes, boxes and the 12” x 12”
scrapbooking paper.
I am offering the Scor-it at an introductory price of $48.95
plus shipping. If you would like to purchase a Scor-It, please
e-mail with your preferred method of payment (PayPal, Visa,
Master Card) and you zip code.

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