Sunday, August 24, 2008


Scor-it Mini is ideal for small spaces and projects.
Lightweight and portable travel size. Features a 9”
centering ruler and a 6” scoring rule. Perfect fit for
popular greeting card sizes. Ideal for place cards, gift
cards, tags and invitations. Scores, embosses and

I am offering the Mini Scor-It at an introductory price
of $28.95. Please e-mail me if your are interested
in purchasing a Mini Scor-it. Please include your method
of payment (PayPal, Visa or Master Card) and your zip

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Cheryl said...

I have a friend who has this mini and she adores it. The first one she had was defective and did not score straight. The company sent her a new one right away. I have a scor-pal, so not sure why I would need the scor-it, but am toying with the idea. Love your blog, Joan. Thanks for signing my guest book.