Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Card for the Shoe Box Exchange

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending
Michigan's Upper Peninsula card making get
together. There were about 26 ladies attending
and we each made a card for a sample and then
kits with all the "ingredients" in it. Each lady
circulated around the tables making cards from
each other kits. This was so much fun. Even
my friend Jackie who had never made a card enjoyed

This was the nicest group of ladies. They had everything
so very well organized, gave lots of gifts, had great snacks
and were all very creative. I will be showing pictures of
some of the ladies I met as we go along and the cards they designed.

Sharon Johnson, ( my favorite card maker) was there.
This was so exciting as I had just met her in Chicago
at the Copic Marker Class two weeks ago. She set with us
on Friday night and we were able to chat and get to know
each other better. She showed us different products on
Saturday and how to use them. This was very interesting.

We had a great time visiting our friends Roger and Jackie too.
They took us to Copper Harbor and lots of other fun places.
We played cards in the evenings and had lots of relaxing times.

But, I will say..... it sure is good to be home. It will take me a few days
to recuperate.


Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Hi, Joan!!! Glad to hear you made it back home!!! This card is fabulous and it was so nice of you to bring your Cricut along!!!! I loved getting to know you better this time around -- CHA was just too busy!!! And it was so nice you brought Jackie!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joan

It was great to meet you this past weekend. I love the card you did for the shoebox swap! Glad you had a good time visiting our neck of the woods! Hope to meet you again sometime.

Barbara Schram said...

Beautiful card, Joan! And I have one! It was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to getting together again! Hello to Jackie!

Take good care! Barb